Sexual assaulter arrested in Goa based on a Facebook Post


An American national, Melody Gambino went through a horrific experience on a 48 hour holiday to Goa. What could be a pleasant holiday for the tourist, resulted in a nightmare!

She was in Goa for about two days over the Indian Republic Day weekend and allegedly got sexually assaulted by her bike pilot. Melody has narrated the entire incident in a Facebook Post, attached below.

Bike Pilot Isidore Fernandes

Her post went viral which helped in his arrest. Pernem police arrested bike pilot Isidore Fernandes resident of Anjuna on the charges of molesting American national, Melody Gambino while on their journey from Morjim to Anjuna.

In her latest post, victim Melody Gambino expressed her thoughts on the positive and negative comments that were posted on her Facebook post earlier.

While still shaken by the events, I’m happy to report this man was tracked and a formal report with the Goa police is being lodged tomorrow. I’m grateful for the Indian authorities who acted so fast and the incredible support for by all of you for sharing and offering kind words.

For those of you who did not have the kindest words, or questioned my story – you are why the #MeToo moment is needed. You are why women are scared to come forward with the truth. You are why there is systemic misogyny and abuse of women across the world.

I wasn’t ‘too friendly’
I got a selfie with him BEFORE he got inappropriate
I didn’t get his bike because we were on a dark rode and I was scared
I gave him money because I was scared and wanted to get away and lessen the chance he’d come after me
I didn’t scream because I wasn’t sure if it would escalate the situation in the wrong way
I don’t believe the answer is wearing more clothes, not travelling alone, carrying a weapon
The answer is raising awareness, supporting those with the courage to speak up, and resisting victim shaming.

-Melody Gambino

In a report, Anjuna police station’s inspector C L Patil stated,

“He is from Anjuna and has admitted to the crime. We picked him based on the photograph that the victim had managed to click. We used the photograph to track him down.”