Sighting relief for Para teachers in Goa

Good news for all para and double part-time teachers. The government, under the chairmanship of the education secretary, said that they will form a committee to study and resolve the long pending issues of these teachers. It has also decided to raise the salaries of these teachers.

Increasing their pay from ₹5,100 in 2012 to ₹12,000 for the current year, Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar who is also the education minister said that the government is sympathetic towards these para / part-time teachers. Quote, “Because we are sympathetic towards the teachers, we have increased their salaries every year. I don’t claim that Rs.12,000 is a huge amount, however, those who kept the salary at Rs.3,00o/- for six years, should they be asking us this question?.” Apparently, this issue has been long pending and hopefully when settled, as promised, will bring a ray of hope and a smile on the faces of these hapless teachers.

In addition, Mr. Parsekar also stated, “We have taken a decision that those who complete five years on a contract basis will be granted scale and made full-time regular teachers”.


The formative years of the child are spent in School. Teachers are the main contributors to a child’s education. What teachers speak in class is literally taken as the Gospel Truth by the child. A happy teacher means a happy child.

Image Credits: Navhind Times

Para Teachers demand regularization in services

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