It is in ‘SinQ ‘ with the palates of the young and happening. Correction…even the wise and happening. Valmiki Naik and Vandana Naik are partner in this New York styled café. Initiating the Bodega brand with Sunapranta, This new place promises a taste for the free spirited. The ambience is warm and colourful helped by the murals a la Goa along one side of the wall. Cushioned sofa banquets line one side of the wall by the windows, the opposite side is a trendy bar which promises a acts as a brunch buffet-the most happening part of the week. Old fashioned tables and chairs are placed in the center while high stools are draped along the bar. The Taverna is an ‘All Day Breakfast’ affair. Vandana packs a healthy dose of
variety in her menu.

There is a wholesome list of mixes… fruit (try the mix of berries), smoothies and spirit based too. The Diablo (Pineapple, Jalapeno, Vodka) would perhaps stir the Devil in you, While the Guavatini (Guava, Lime barcardi) gives an introduction to the creativity that will follow. You will see the New York-style Bagel with cream cheese (with chopped onion, tomato, capers, and smoked salmon), waffles (be adventurous and try the ½ bacon rasher-half banana with Chocolate sauce)-it’s a novelty, a jewish-styled New York preparation Potato and Scallion Latke (a grated potato pancake served with sour cream and stewed apples). Vandana’s preparations will perhaps add a new dimension to how one should start the day.

Well it is not only the breads which should garner one’s attention- the eggs, especially the Eggs Benedict. One would look in vain for this preparation in starred hotels. Reason? It is not easy to deliver a hollandaise sauce a la minute. Well maybe our palates would still take time to adjust to a poached egg-styled preparation, but believe you me, it’s really worth a try.. especially for those who like ‘runny’ York. Like I have said before… it is a breakfast to experience. Valmiki believes in giving honest food at honest prices. It’s a new concept in town- it’s fresh, with new flavours and tasty. Honesty pays rich dividends.


Opp. Taj Holiday Village, Sinquerim, Goa

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