Siroi Lifestyle: A Legacy of Modern Aesthetic and Priceless Artifacts


A culturally constrained Siroi Lifestyle exists in Goa, which is known for its unique patchwork of cultural heritage. Sapna Kabra, the creator of Siroi Lifestyle and its designer, is a true pioneer in the fields of art and design. Siroi is a reflection of the rare talents and collections. This bouquet of traditional, handmade lifestyle products from across India finds itself showcased in a century-old heritage home in a typical Goan village in North Goa, each elevating the elegance. It has designer clothes, gorgeous beaded jewellery pieces, curated home decor, artwork, paintings and more.

Sapna Kabra, Founder, Siroi Lifestyle

Siroi Lifestyle is a platform that promotes Indian art and culture, giving artisans a place to show off their works and connect with a larger audience. Its whole product line demonstrates how art transcends boundaries and improves lives. This lifestyle boutique is renowned for fusing traditional and Western cultures of dressing. It follows the trends by recreating traditional clothing. We can see Kunbi fabric here, a lovely cotton-checked fabric that is sacred to many people.

Siroi has a lovely section of double-sleeved, long-cut dresses with organza materials embellished with sequins for a vintage appearance. It has produced Chanderi Ghagras, semi-organza dupatta, and gowns with gheras made of a highly elegant, light-weight fabric that are perfect for dancing. The hand-stitched, hand-dyed linen blouse with delicate thread work and lining adds a level of modification. It also features a selection of elegant Shamu Satin Silk Kurta. The mirror works with beautiful colour contrast elevates and gives it a rich appearance. The chic net cape added finishing touches to the Paithani Silk ensemble. This stunning costume is incredibly stunning and ideal for an evening function because it combines the colours maroon and green.

Siroi Lifestyle Products

The furniture section carries a wooden sofa constructed of ancient, curved and new woods which creates a sandwich look giving a highly strong, artistic appearance. Mango wood was used to make a bookshelf with curved panels that can be placed anywhere in the house. This bookshelf won’t attract insects and has a modern aesthetic. A curved panel on an old “sandukh” that could serve as the center table was reminiscent of older designs. One of the chest drawers made of fresh wood throughout and panels made of old wood created a cutting-edge appearance.

We discovered that it is a place that is committed to resurrecting beautiful cloth and decor that spreads beauty around the world. Siroi is a wonderful celebration of lovely fabric and decor, presenting gorgeous designs and emphasizing incredible versatility. Seeing so much exquisite handwork was a stunning sight. All of these are priceless artifacts and creative works. And because it supports sustainability, it has been attempting to put it into practice by creating amazing works of art from abandoned furniture and cloth. It produces a shopping experience that is unparalleled. It is more than just a store; it is a living celebration of India’s extensive artistic legacy.