Socorro Parish comes alive this August 15th for a six-in-one Cultural Festival


Socorro Parish and the Socio-art and Cultural Association have been in the news for all the right reasons. Celebrating the essence of Goa and Goenkarponn. This year, on 15th August, the Village of Socorro will come alive once again to celebrate a six-in-one Cultural Festival. The day in question marks the feast of Our Lady of Assumption as well as Indian Independence Day.

Marius Fernandes the man behind the festivities

Festivities are scheduled to commence with a feast mass at 9.00 am at Socorro Church followed by a procession with a brass band. After which, Independence Day celebrations will witness villagers put up dances performances for the general public to enjoy.

Patoichem Fest

Our Lady of Assumption’s feast day is always accompanied by the famous Goan sweet, ‘Patoleo’. A stuffed rice pancake with Goa jaggery and freshly grated coconut, steamed to perfection in a turmeric leaf to give it the typical, mouth-watering aroma. So in keeping with the tradition, the Socio-art and Cultural Association of Socorro will be celebrating their 7th edition of  ‘Patoichem Fest’ serving a variety of delicacies like patoleos, sannas and pudde.

The day is incomplete without Goa’s staple ‘Jevonn’, or Fish-Curry-Rice. So to add flavour to the already exciting and inviting festivities,  Prawn Kismur, Pez and home-made Mango Pickle will accompany the Jevonn served in traditional style – on banana leaves and ‘kottis’ (kotti – coconut shell).

World Goa Day and Konkani Day

Coupled with the ongoing festivities, World Goa Day and Konkani Day will also be celebrated says organiser, Marius Fernandes. Goa’s celebrated Cartoonist, Alexyz will share his travel experiences of diaspora and what this day means to Goans around the world. While Miguel Braganza will talk about Konkani and its origin.

Ghumtache Fest will also be celebrated giving ‘ghumot’ (local goan percussion instrument) its much-needed pride of place. With Pandurang Faldesai highlighting the history and prominence of the ghumot. Vamona Navelcar and differently-abled bamboo instrument artist Premanand Satartkar will also be in attendance.

Violins, saxophone and guitars made of bamboo, besides other crafts will be on display while ghumots will be up for sale at the event.

six-in-one festival
One of Premanand’s creations

Pic Credit: Fb – Premanand and Marius Fernandes, Jessyl Fernandez