Sunny Leone condom ads shameful to Goans and students?


Goa Legislator says it is shameful to look at Sunny Leone’s condom ads and has raised an issue to remove it from Kadama buses.

Here’s a video link from Times of India of what the ministers said about the recent issue with the condom advertisements on buses in Goa. Click here!

“Goa is a beautiful place, a tourism destination. Goans are good people this cannot be allowed to happen here,” Silveira said.

Sunny Leone, a bollywood actress recently adopted a cute baby girl, who was rejected by 11 people before she adopted the child.  Sunny, has been defamed for her work because of her past. People love to shun her, may it be for featuring in condom ads or any project that she works with keeping aside her former career choice.

Picture credit: NewsX

The legislator wants the condom ads featuring Sunny from buses operated by the state transport corporation as he said it “shames us”. This campaign is part of an advertising contract between the contraception company and the corporation.

Picture credit: Manforce

A source said, Silveira first asked Speaker Pramod Sawant if the word condoms can be used in the state assembly, before going on to say: “What are these ads telling Goans. Students use buses… Goans use the bus.”

In the video link attached, Goa Transport Minister Sudin Dhavalikar said, “Condom ads featuring Bollywood actress and former pornstar Sunny Leone will be taken off display boards on state-run buses.”

Dhavalikar also added, the action was being taken after a demand seeking withdrawal of the ads was made by Congress MLA Francis Silveira during the monsoon session of the Goa assembly on August 1, 2017.

“…I also personally request the chairman and managing director of Kadamba (Transport Corporation) that such type of ads are not to be considered in future, so that there wont be any problem towards the public,” Dhavalikar said.

“Whatever posters that are objected (to) by the public, I will request Chairman and MD of Kadamba to remove that and take necessary cognizance in future.”

What do you’ll think about these ads? People have expressed their resentment against the complaint made by a group of women!