Sought after foreigner detention center to be set up in Aguada jail


In the recently concluded assembly session CM Laxmikant Parsekar had revealed that some foreigners purposely get arrested to extend their stay in Goa. “I suspect there are some foreigners who want to stay back in Goa, get purposely caught under cases of narcotics, dealing in small quantities. When they are out on bail and case is heard, they are allowed to stay in the state till it is disposed,” The CM was quoted.

He had proposed setting up of a detention center to hold these foreign nationals who are awaiting trials. This was specifically done to ensure that these foreigners don’t roam around the state on bail. Aguada jail has been selected to run a detention center for law breaking foreign nationals.

“Goa government has agreed to give a part of Aguada jail, which is vacant now, to be converted into a detention centre,” Vimal Gupta, Deputy Inspector General of Police was quoted by PTI.

There are a few foreign nationals who take advantage of the loopholes in the legal system. The facility will be used to curb that. The DIG also said there exists a nexus between a few locals and some foreigners, where locals pay the sureties for the foreign nationals.


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