Soul Fry Goa – Bandra’s Friendly Neighborhood Restaurant is Here!


Soul Fry Goa, a restaurant that has won the hearts of thousands of Mumbaikars for the past 22 years, has finally come to Goa. It opened its first outlet in the state on 25th February of this year at a nice spot, just a few metres away from the Baga Deck hotel at Calangute.
Soul Fry Restaurant at Baga (Image Credit:

The restaurant is run by Medlan D’cunha, a Mumbaikar who interestingly traces his roots to Goa. He started the restaurant in Bandra in the year 1999. He wanted to introduce authentic Goan flavours to the people of Mumbai, along with dishes from other coastal cuisines like Koli, Mangalorean and Malvani. Over the past 22 years, the restaurant has come a long way, and has become very popular with a large number of Mumbaikars.

Armed with a strong desire to replicate this same success in India’s party capital, D’cunha visited Goa last year in search of a nice location to set up his restaurant. During his quest, he came across the desired spot in Baga close to the Baga Deck hotel. The Soul Fry Goa restaurant now stands in this place where the Baga Beer Garden, a brewpub attached to the Susegado microbrewery in Baga, used to once stand.

At the entrance of the restaurant, you are greeted by an arch that invites you to ‘Fuloi with Food, Friends, Fiesta’. ‘Fuloi’ is a Goan slang word that translates to ‘mingle and have a good time’. The lower seating area of the restaurant offers a view of the bar and the Susegado brewery setup. The company’s eight beers are on tap, along with Kingfisher. They will also offer sangrias and other local spirits on tap very soon.

Soul Fry Goa’s cocktail menu has some refreshing offerings that are sure to delight your senses. Cocktail mixes that are must-tries include the Solancho Sorro, a vibrant red and sweet cocktail, and the signature Portuguese Cider, made of vodka mixed with hard cider and fresh fruits.
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The top floor of the restaurant houses the open upper deck and the enclosed AC section. Guests can enjoy a nice view of the Sussegado brewery and the live band in attendance from the upper deck. The enclosed AC section is a nice and spacious area where you can host exclusive parties and karaoke nights.
The air-conditioned party zone for karaoke, live bands and salsa (Image credit:

The food menu at Soul Fry Baga is very much similar to what is offered at its Mumbai outlet, with a familiar mix of Goan, Malvani and Mangalorean dishes. D’Cunha has brought half of his chefs from Mumbai to Goa to ensure the kitchen doles out similar flavours. A few Bengali and Maharashtrian dishes like Chingri Malaikari and Prawn Loncha have been added to the menu to provide some variety. Just like its Mumbai outlet, there are no beef dishes served here.

For starters, you must try the Sungta Maria, a signature Soul Fry offering, made of prawns on toast. The prawns are treated with care and are coated in a pungent red paste, which is a mix of balchao and recheado masalas. Served on square bits of toast, they can be a satisfying meal on their own.

A similar spice mix is seen in the boneless pieces of chicken in the Tambshe Tikshe Kombdi, a medium spicy chicken dish. The Paneer Tonne Mirsang, made with tender cubes of paneer tossed in a nice base of green chillies and garlic, is simply delicious. The other vegetarian dishes that are must-tries at this place are the Tawa pulao and fried rice hybrid packed with veggies, and the Okra Coconut Bhaji. 

Soul Fry Goa has 18 tables that can seat up to 100 people. It is a spacious place that has a very simple look, that is compensated in a small way by the colourful chairs, table mats and framed posters. The vibe of the place changes at night, with soft lights and nice live music bringing the place to life.

So, what are you waiting for guys? Gather your closest buddies and head down this weekend to one of the newest eateries in town and enjoy a nice evening, feasting on some delicious food and exotic cocktail preparations. Make your reservations now!