Stray dog makes flight abort take off

The stray dog sprinted across the highway. The pilot braked just in time.

A few days ago we reported how the Hospicio in Margoa recorded 2,130 dog bite cases this year, so far. The menace of these stray dogs goes beyond the dog bites. One of those stray dogs has now caused a flight at the Dabolim International Airport to suddenly abort take off. Fortunately, no one was hurt and though the flight was delayed by a couple of hours, it did take off safely after the aircraft’s tires were replaced.

According to a TOI (Times of India – Goa) report, today:

At the Goa International Airport at Dabolim, IndiGo aircraft operating flight 6E-468 for Mumbai started its take-off roll around 5.30pm. Just then, a dog strayed onto the runway and sprinted across. The pilot was forced to abort the take-off. The plane skidded as the pilot struggled to regain control.


Goa airport officials said the pilot managed to bring the aircraft to a halt. However, as a precaution, the aircraft was turned back to the parking bay, as some tires had to be replaced.

There were 100 odd passengers aboard the aircraft. They had a very lucky escape. Though the flight was delayed for nearly two and a half hours, there was no further mishap.

Here’s what an Airports Authority of India official said:

There was a dog on the runway because of which an IndiGo flight had to abort the take-off

The pilot alerted the ground staff and engineer and all passengers were informed of the situation and then deplaned

Here’s what a senior executive with a corporate firm said:

The pilot braked violently, we went right and left but finally stopped. We were brought back to the tarmac and they told us that the rear tires had given up.”

Another AAI official said:

Dogs keep coming onto the apron. Security has been increased to prevent such incidents from happening

Information source: TOI-Goa

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