Sunburn to shift out of Goa ?


Maharashtra is planning to host one of the country’s most popular musical gala Sunburn, as an official event in December.

Permission for the famous EDM festival Sunburn in the state of Goa is yet in talks but Maharashtra is ready to offer its organiser, Percept Live, all the necessary clearances in the quickest possible time as part of its ‘ease of business’ policy.

Sunburn is listed among the top 10 musical and entertainment shows in Asia and was hosted in Goa for the past 8 years ever since 2007. The festival is all about live music, entertainment, food, shopping etc. The interesting thing about Sunburn is that it has 7 massive stages. Over 120 international artists come in to perform at the 4-day event.

Basically, Maharashtra plans to attract more such events and youth. Their target audience definitely is the youth as most of them attend such events. The only problem is that Mumbai charges almost 45% as entertainment tax compared to places like Bangalore and Hyderabad who levy just 15%. They say the key to attracting more of such events is a tax waiver.