History repeats itself? Tibetan Youth to protest during BRICS summit in Goa


Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) have declared that they will stage a protest in Goa against Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to them, China is illegally occupying Tibet. TYC is based in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is the seat of Tibetan Government in exile.

“As long as the occupation continues, as long as the communist government continues with their hardline stance and policies, ignoring the cries of the Tibetan people, the struggle and resistance of Tibetans will continue,” said TYC President Tenzing Jigme in a statement. (Source: Economic times)

“Those of living in exile have even greater duty and responsibility and we vow to keep our struggle alive and lend our voices to the voiceless and ensure that everywhere Xi Jinping travels, we will be there to expose the lies of the communist Chinese Government,” Jigme said in the same report.

The Chinese embassy in India has already informed India of their concerns of possible protests by Tibetan youth during the Chinese President’s visit to Goa. China is sensitive about activism by Tibetan youth in India.

History repeats itself?

A similar protest was seen during the CHOGM retreat in 1983. At the time the protesters demanded that Tibet’s independence be discussed at CHOGM.