The women voyagers of INSV-Tarini return to Goa today


After what must have been a grueling 8 months at sea, the women voyagers of INSV-Tarini finally return to Goa’s shores. The 6 all-women crew, of the Goa-built yatch, have made maritime history with their round-the-world voyage. All 6 are officers in the Indian Navy. Women voyagers sail back into Goa INSV-Tarini is named after […]

First all-women crew to circumnavigate in Goa-built INSV Tarini

INSV Tarini

INSV TARINI- ‘Tarini’ named after one of Goa’s ancient boat goddesses – a 56-foot sailing yacht built to withstand rough seas for an all-women naval crew of 6. The first all-women crew to circumnavigate the globe. The expedition, titled ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’ is in consonance with the National Policy of  ‘Nari Shakti’ – empowering women to […]

Goa’s own ‘Thuriya’ being readied for Golden Globe Race


Record holding Cdr. Abhilash Tomy is readying himself to sail around the world on another historic voyage. This time it will be on board the ‘Thuriya’. The voyage will be a solo, non-stop, round the world trip with Commander Tomy being the sole Indian entrant to compete in the historic Golden Globe Race. The importance […]