A complete makeover for Panjim’s famous Miramar beach soon


Goa’s most important selling point when it comes to tourism is its beautiful coastline. From North to South, the state is dotted with a number of beaches, some more popular than others. In Panjim, there is the famous Miramar beach which is visited by hundreds of locals as well as tourists almost all year round. […]

TeraMeraBeach public awareness campaign comes to an end


150 days ago, Dristhi Marine started the TeraMeraBeach public awareness campaign. The campaign comes to an end this weekend. It was aimed at educating people, especially domestic visitors, on cleanliness and beach management along the coastal stretch of Goa. TeraMeraBeach campaign The state of Goa’s beaches led to them roping in Drishti Marine in 2016 […]

GTDC aims for Blue Flag certification of Goa’s beaches

Blue Flag certification

Goa is best known and loved for its beaches. With a coastline that’s approximately 105 kilometers long, the state has some of the most beautiful beaches in India. However, we do not have the Blue Flag certification for any beach in India. What is Blue Flag certification? In short, The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation […]

Goa Tourism will soon use WhatsApp to rid Goa’s beaches of garbage

Goa Tourism uses WhatsApp for Beach Cleaning

Goa Tourism Department will soon use WhatsApp to rid Goa’s beaches of garbage.  Find Beaches dirty? Alert beach cleaning contractor via WhatsApp!  Soon citizens will be able to send a WhatsApp message if they locate garbage or litter strewn on any beach in Goa.  The WhatsApp message first gets recorded at the Tourism Department after […]

Beach cleaning : No concrete decision by Government

Plight of beaches in Goa Recently, the condition of the beaches across Goa has caused many a tourist to shy away due to litter being strewn all over. The reason being the cancelling of the Beach Cleaning contract by the government a few months back. Pride of many-a-goan and famous worldwide are the beautiful beaches of […]

GTDC: Goan youth to be hired for beach cleaning

Nilesh Cabral, Chairman of Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has revealed a plan to involve Goan youth in regards to beach cleaning. ” I want to see how the plan works for a year,” Cabral said in a ToI report. Local youth may be hired on contract basis This development is a result of Goa […]