Locked in without essentials? Here are 5 guaranteed delivery services

Delivery Services

Things in Goa have been pretty crazy over the last couple of weeks. What started off as a 3-day stay-in, became a 21-day lockdown which nobody was prepared for. Shops being forced to closed and police patrolling the streets made it particularly difficult to get out of the house and shop for essentials. The CM’s […]

1st August- The day Pao rises?


‘Pao’ meaning bread in Portuguese, has been a part of the Goan’s staple diet for centuries. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, the traditional Pao is never far from the kitchen table as it acts as the perfect cushion for a sandwich, be it ‘cutlet pao’ or ‘choris pao’, or equally savoured to mop the […]

‘PODER’ THE GOAN BAKER….ponnk ponnk here he comes!

Goa the land of scrumptious food, generous people and traditional cultures that go way back. The serene beaches that give a whole new meaning to rejuvenation. Goa is the top most destination for tourists hands down. But there is a completely different side to it. Here in Goa the business industries are advancing and the […]