A walk on the heritage side at this year’s Malar Bonderam

malar bonderam

The ‘St Mathias Bonderam’, Malar, was celebrated on August 17 on the famous island of Divar, roughly 12 kms north-east of Panjim, the state capital. It is reached by ferry from Old Goa as well as Ribandar. As always, it was organized and hosted by Sao Mathias Sports Club, near their club premises, and the […]

9 Reasons Why Goa is a Lifetime Travel Experience

North Goa Beach

When it comes to Goa, it cannot be anything but love at first sight. This pint-sized state is a colorful blend of myriad cultures, spiced with sea, sand, sun, and seafood. There is nowhere in India quite like Goa. There are so many unique aspects to Goa, that you have to experience it to feel […]

The Big Fat Fatorda Carnival Blast 2018 is all set to begin today

Fatorda Carnival Blast

Just like Panjim has a Samba Square during the days of Carnival, Fatorda will also have a similar set up called the Big Fat Fatorda Carnival Blast 2018. Organised by ‘We For Fatorda” (A Vijai Sardesai Initiative), the Big Fat Fatorda Carnival Blast 2018 takes place at the Opinion Poll Square from 7 pm onwards. […]

The Carnival parade gets a total of 48 entries this year

Carnival parade

Its D-day and Carnival 2018 is here! For the next four days, the streets of Goa will turn into one big party with parades happening in Panjim, Margao, Vasco, Ponda, Calangute and Mapusa. The Panjim Carnival parade is taking a different route this year. The committee received 48 entries for the float parade that takes […]

The Goa Carnival celebrations 2018: 4 days of fun and frolic

Goa Carnival celebrations

The Goa Carnival celebrations have been a big deal in our home state for hundreds of years. Introduced by the Portuguese some 500 years ago, it is a festival that attracts people from all walks of life and every religion. Goa Carnival celebrations precede the Lenten season. It’s the last few days where every one […]

What is the story behind Goa Carnival?

Goa Carnival

Pretty much every Goan knows that Goa Carnival was started during the Portuguese rule. However, many do not know what the festival signifies? or why did it come to be celebrated? It is important to know the origin of the festival to understand the meaning of Carnival (Or Carnaval) and to truly enjoy it. Origin […]

Goa to showcase Colombia’s most renowned Carnival group Son Latino

  With all the hustle and bustle happening this season Son Latino will perform in Ponda, Goa. Yet another event to break out in Goa on December 3. The world’s most renowned Carnival group from Colombia, For those who don’t know what Son Latino is : The Department of Information & Publicity issued a statement here […]

Goan Carnaval – how did it all start?

Goa is unique and so are its festivals. ‘Carnaval’ (otherwise spelt carnival outside Goa) being one of them is celebrated only in the state of Goa in India. Merry-making is the only thing to be kept in mind because the idea is to forget about daily chores for that period and just enjoy the moment. […]