A Christmas Treat: Christmas Pudding

With Christmas comes a long list of traditional and modern recipes, one such favorite traditional recipe of the world is the boozy, rich, spiced Christmas pudding which is heavily studded with rum and brandy-soaked mixed dried fruits, candied orange and nuts Chef Jason DeSouza, an entrepreneur, !avor savant extraordinaire and an alumnus of Le Cordon […]

IHCL, Goa heralds the holiday season with a greater purpose

PANAJI, DECEMBER 08, 2022: Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), Goa’s largest hospitality operator and leader in the tourism sector rings in the festive cheer with a greater purpose of giving back to the society this holiday season. Under Paathya, IHCL’s framework of sustainability and social impact measures, various initiatives have been implemented at the hotels to give […]

Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve in Goa

Christmas celebrations

Goa has always been a popular holiday destination for people from all over the world along with the rest of India. The former Portuguese colony with its rich culture and joie-de-vivre ambiance attracts the most number of tourists all through the year but even more so at Christmas time. in fact, there are so many […]

A history of Christmas Carols for the festive season

Christmas carols

Christmas carols are a popular tradition that is followed during the festive season. Everyone follows all the other Christmas traditions of decorating their homes, giving gifts, preparing a Christmas feast and all the other trappings of the season. The tradition of singing Christmas carols was never popular in Goa in the beginning. Not unless you […]

The Best Christmas Party at the Radisson Blu Beach Resort

Christmas party

Christmas is almost here and everyone’s feeling the spirit of the season come alive once more. Christmas is a time to reflect and celebrate the joys of not just the season but the whole year that’s gone by. And of course when the word ‘celebrate’ comes into play what else can anyone think of but […]

There’s Christmas cheer in the Goan air this December

Christmas cheer

Christmas has come to Goa once again. The festive season is one that people look forward to all year. It’s that time of year where there’s something happening every day. Parties, friends, and family visiting from abroad, weddings and an all-around feeling of Christmas cheer abounds from the beginning of December. Spreading Christmas cheer around […]

The tradition of cake mixing for the Christmas season


With exactly 2 months until Christmas, people will soon begin to get ready for the festive season. In the West, people start putting up their decorations well in advance and even hold pre-Christmas parties just to usher in the spirit of Christmas. Closer to the date, all sorts of traditions are brought to the fore […]

A Very Merry Christmas with the birth of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

At the stroke of midnight on the 24th of December, church bells could be heard across the state. They were ringing out the joy and happiness at the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The joyous celebrations began across the state with church services, most of which began at 11 pm, with the ringing […]

10 Christmas Trivia Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


We’ve talked a lot much about Christmas and all the traditions and legends behind the festival. Now it’s time to read a bunch of trivia facts about the season that you might not know. Like when is Jesus’s birthday, or where stockings for Christmas came from and loads more! Using the Internet, we’ve compiled a […]

The Story of the First Christmas Tree


There is no actual documentation as to who can truly lay claim to the creation of the first Christmas tree. Finland has Santa Claus. Russia has traditional handmade Christmas ornaments. Germany has Christmas markets. But arguably the most well-known of Christmas traditions, decorating the Christmas tree, may have its origin in Northern Europe. The History […]