Goa-based artist Shireen Mody murdered by gardener at home in Arpora

Shireen Mody

On Sunday evening, reports started pouring in of the tragic murder of Goa-based artist Shireen Mody by her gardener at her home in Arpora. The act itself took place on Sunday morning, with sources saying that Mody’s gardener, a 68-year-old Assamese man by the name of Prafulla Jana, allegedly struck Mody in the back of […]

Man with alleged voyeur fetish terrorizes building residents in Taleigão


With the amount of development going on in Goa, in the last few years, migrants have arrived in droves and set up homes here. And with that, the crime rate has also gone up. There are stories of crime in the local news media almost every day. Take today’s account in The Goan Everyday. The presence […]

Calangute resident arrested for alleged blackmail and extortion


Calangute in North Goa has been a favorite of tourists for years. Most of Goa’s nightlife and popular restaurants are located in this very spot making it the place to visit all year round. There’s even a variety of hotels to choose from, ranging from the budget range to the extremely expensive. Of course, no […]

South Goa, a hotbed of crime thanks to massive influx of migrants


Being a tourist destination, Goa attracts thousands of visitors all year-round. Sadly, the quality of these has gone down tremendously, with some even committing crimes from petty ones to major ones. Along with tourists, Goa has a massive migrant population as well. South Goa, in particular, has seen a rise in crime thanks to a […]

The Lemos family will appeal against Sydney Lemos’ 500+ year sentence


After spending more than a year in prison, the Lemos family will go on appeal against the 500+ year sentence that was given after discovery that Sydney Lemos had cheated thousands out of their life savings. The Lemos family will appeal the 500+ year sentence If one recalls, Lemos was the mastermind of a Ponzi […]

Killed in Curchorem over an alleged love quadrangle


Murder is something everyone is familiar with. Ever so often the newspapers are filled with stories of these. The reasons vary. From issues with money to crimes of passion, it’s commonplace to read at least one story every day in the media. Take the latest one about the murder in Curchorem. A woman allegedly killed […]

Hope for an early release for Ryan from prison in Dubai

early release

Today Ryan de Souza sits in a prison in Dubai. He, along with Sydney Lemos, CEO, and owner of Exential Group was sentenced to over 500 years in prison. After being sentenced almost two weeks ago, each will be in prison for the next five lifetimes. But Ryan’s family are still hoping that he will […]

Police to visit AP and find out more about the 8 alleged abuse victims

abuse victims

Earlier this week, 8 girls between the ages of 6 and 12 were found in an apartment in Vasco’s Baina locality. Sources say that these 8 abuse victims were allegedly being held captive by one Venus Habib, a 65-year-old woman who also allegedly tortured and assaulted them. The story unraveled this past Sunday when one […]

Cutting ties with Sydney Lemos, FC Bardez to get makeover in Dubai

FC Bardez

Sydney Lemos lost his freedom and his company and now he is losing his football club, FC Bardez in Dubai, too. Lemos’s claim to fame in Dubai started with a small football club called FC Bardez. Sydney Lemos was the owner of the club and also a player in the same. It was how he […]

Child abuse shows its ugly face in Vasco city, South Goa

Vasco city

A few days ago, the newspapers brought an article about how child abuse is on the rise in Goa. It is believed that every week, more than 5 children are abused. Between March 2017 and February 2018, the state saw 273 child abuse cases — more than five a week. Of these, 68% were girls […]