The tradition of cake mixing for the Christmas season


With exactly 2 months until Christmas, people will soon begin to get ready for the festive season. In the West, people start putting up their decorations well in advance and even hold pre-Christmas parties just to usher in the spirit of Christmas. Closer to the date, all sorts of traditions are brought to the fore […]

Chatting with Noreen Van Holstein, festival director of LaLaLand Goa


If you find yourself in Goa this weekend, looking for something to do, look no further than Nagoa, Arpora. What’s happening there, you ask? It’s the scene of one of Goa’s magical festivals. Taking place on the grounds of a beautiful old Goan mansion, LalaLand Goa is a festival of joy, magic, happiness and, music. […]

This October, come back to the magic and joy of La La Land Goa


Everyone’s familiar with going to the circus as kids. Whether it was our parents or grandparents who took us, off we went, to be enthralled by the acrobats, the jugglers, the animals and all else that circuses are famous for. Sometimes we even wanted to be in the show as circus performers ourselves. In more […]

The crowning glory that is the Kopel or flower crown at São João

kopel or flower crown

The feast of St. John the Baptist or São João is celebrated every year on 24th June. It’s a feast with the added excitement of jumping into wells and other water bodies for fun. Celebrated all over Goa, it is definitely more popular with people living in North Goa. And, of course, as with all […]

Gudi Padwa – The Hindu New Year brings new beginnings

Gudi Padwa

The Hindu New Year is in two days. Known as Gudi Padwa, this is an auspicious festival and is celebrated according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. It is considered to be the day of creation. According to legend, Lord Brahma recreated the world after the great flood and the point from which time itself began to […]

Shigmotsav is celebrated to herald the arrival of the spring season


Starting from the 3rd of March, Goa will see the biggest celebration of a Hindu festival spanning the next two weeks. Shigmo or Śigmō is celebrated across Goa to mark the return of men who went to war to fight against those who invaded Goa. The festival gets its name from the Prakrit word Suggimaho […]

Welcome to La La Land Goa – a two day festival of happiness and music

La La Land Goa

The festival of Holi bursts upon us this weekend in an explosion of brilliant colors and fun. Everyone enjoys it just like they enjoy the ‘assalto’ at the time of Carnival. But, if you’re not up for all that and want to do something different, head on up to the Museum of Goa in Saligao. […]

The Big Fat Fatorda Carnival Blast 2018 is all set to begin today

Fatorda Carnival Blast

Just like Panjim has a Samba Square during the days of Carnival, Fatorda will also have a similar set up called the Big Fat Fatorda Carnival Blast 2018. Organised by ‘We For Fatorda” (A Vijai Sardesai Initiative), the Big Fat Fatorda Carnival Blast 2018 takes place at the Opinion Poll Square from 7 pm onwards. […]

The Carnival parade gets a total of 48 entries this year

Carnival parade

Its D-day and Carnival 2018 is here! For the next four days, the streets of Goa will turn into one big party with parades happening in Panjim, Margao, Vasco, Ponda, Calangute and Mapusa. The Panjim Carnival parade is taking a different route this year. The committee received 48 entries for the float parade that takes […]

Here Comes Santa Claus But Do You Know Where He Actually Came From?

Santa Claus

Christmas is definitely not complete without the mention and sight of one of its most beloved and Iconic figures. That jolly old man, dressed in red with the big tummy and the happy and loud laughter that can only bring cheer and happiness – Santa Claus!!! But what do we know about him really? Where did […]