IHCL empanelled on tourism board for Goa

Mr. Vincent Ramos, Senior Vice President – Goa of the Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) has been empanelled as member of the Empowered Committees for the Goa Tourism Board, an apex body for planning, policy making, strategizing and overseeing the implementation of various tourism programs and initiatives in the state.

Arvalem Waterfall goes dry at the start of the summer in Goa


Goa is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in India and even the world. And this is because it has much to offer in terms of culture, beaches, and even waterfalls. However, hinterland tourism hasn’t been tapped as much as beach tourism. The most famous waterfall in Goa is perhaps the Dudhsagar waterfall which […]

Dona Paula jetty vendors worry about losing business


A month ago, a joint decision was taken by a number of government agencies, to close Panjim’s iconic Dona Paula Jetty. This decision was taken after a structural analysis of the entire jetty was done. The report showed that it was unstable and would need to be closed for repairs. A final decision was to […]

Goa’s latest taxi strike leaves bitter taste in one tourist’s mouth


The latest taxi strike that hit the state really left a bitter taste in the mouths of almost every tourist that got stranded in Goa during the weekend. For the average tourist, domestic and international, it was an absolute nightmare with almost every taxi operator being off the street. Even though private vehicles and other […]

All Goa taxi strike in effect from today creates havoc for tourists

taxi strike

The earlier announcement of Goa’s taxi operators going on strike came into effect today. As expected, the taxi strike has created chaos and havoc in the state. Tourists in the state have been left stranded. Taxi strike happens inspite of the government prohibiting it Even though the government invoked the Essential Services Management Act (ESMA) […]

Taxi operators in North and South Goa to strike from 19th January


The high esteem that Goa was once held in as a premier tourist destination is slipping downwards rapidly. Through-the-roof room rates thanks to GST, bad infrastructure as far as transport is concerned, high expenses on food and drink, the garbage problem faced in the state, are just a few reasons for these. In fact, the […]

Calangute beach: Where the parties (and violations) never stop


A New Year is here and with it comes another round of parties on the beach, especially on Calangute and Baga beaches. Unfortunately, along with these come the violations of the beach shack policy given by the tourism authorities. The violations on Calangute beach in particular Picture this. It’s sunset on the Calangute-Baga beach stretch. […]

Is Goa Officially Too Expensive for Tourists on New Year’s Eve?

New Year's Eve

Goa has always been known as THE place to be in for New Year’s Eve for both foreign and domestic tourists. Everyone wants to be here for all the parties that happen all along the tourist belt beaches of Baga, Calangute and Candolim as well as on the beaches further in the north of Goa. These […]