The Sobit Sarovar Portico, pioneering luxury in Palolem Goa

Sobit Sarovar Portico

Goa’s beaches have attracted visitors from all over the world. Each stretch of sand kissed gently by the azure waters of the Arabian Sea has its own character, inviting some to party, and inviting others to relax. It’s a well-known fact that North Goa’s beaches are the more eventful, lively, and busier beaches, which means […]

Hotel Fidalgo – So Central, So Convenient

Goa is India’s tourist capital. When people think of Goa, they think of beaches and good times, and when it comes to accommodation, everyone looks for hotels that are near the beach. But more than just vacations and fun times, Goa is also quickly becoming a great destination for businesses looking to extend their operations […]

Resolve to get fit this 2019 with Fitness Bar in Panjim

The first month of the new year is over, and if one of your resolutions was to get fit, you’re probably feeling the burn – and not in a good way. Historically, February is the month where resolutions come to die, so if you feel like you’re losing motivation instead of weight, then maybe the […]

Goa gets a new take on healthy living with the Fitness Bar

Fitness Bar

Goa is all about good living and now it’s about to be about a healthy one too. From the good people that brought us great party places such as Taverna and Cohiba, Good Life, the parent company of these fine establishments has brought us another two ventures. These are The Fitness Bar and COMO Designer […]