The Grand Dam(e)s of Goa part 3 – The Chapoli dam

Chapoli dam

It’s a lesser known dam but no less picturesque than the Selaulim and Anjunem Keri dams in Goa. The Chapoli dam lies in an equally pretty location in the Canacona taluka in South Goa. It is yet another dam that serves a purpose in our tiny home state. While the other two were built mainly for […]

The Grand Dam(e)s of Goa part 2 – the Anjunem Keri Dam


Recently, we talked about the Selaulim Dam in Sanguem, South Goa. Now it’s time to focus on North Goa’s Anjunem Keri Dam in Sanquelim. This is yet another enchanting spot to visit if you want a change from the beaches of Goa. Sanquelim, also known as Sankhali, is approximately 30 kilometers (an hour away) from […]

The Grand Dam(e)s of Goa part 1 – The Selaulim Dam

Selaulim Dam

While people visit Goa looking for a good time on its beaches, it’s easy to forget that the hinterland also holds some interesting places to visit. The state has rivers, lakes, and even waterfalls. Some of these aren’t the safest to visit at all times of the year but people still go out of curiosity. […]