Goa Velha, the ancient capital of the Kadamba dynasty in Goa


For such a tiny state on India’s west coast, Goa has had an extremely illustrious history. There is so much talk and information on the Portuguese influences in Goa that it’s easy to forget that Goa was also ruled by other ancient Indian kingdoms in the past. There were the Bhojas, Mauryas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Shilaharas, […]

Sunny Leone condom ads shameful to Goans and students?

Goa Legislator says it is shameful to look at Sunny Leone’s condom ads and has raised an issue to remove it from Kadama buses. Here’s a video link from Times of India of what the ministers said about the recent issue with the condom advertisements on buses in Goa. Click here! “Goa is a beautiful […]

What was Goa like before the Portuguese?


Ever wondered what was Goa like before the Portuguese rule? This article gives you a brief history before the Portuguese arrival. Prehistoric Goa Evidence of human life in Goa dates back to 8000-6000 B.C. where homo-sapiens  lived in the Konkan region with rock carvings of figures of Mother Goddess and many other motifs near the Kushavati […]