Here are 5 awesome museums in Goa that you need to check out

Naval Aviation Museum in Goa

A few days ago on May 18, the world celebrated International Museum Day. Why? Well, there’s no real reason as to why May 18 was specifically chosen, however, the celebration of International Museum Day has been happening every year since 1977 – that’s over 40 years ago! The objective of International Museum Day (IMD) is […]

The Goa State Museum in Panjim makes history come alive

Goa State Museum

There is a story behind the existence of every country in the world. History textbooks from school and university tell stories of crime, war, famine and even peace that went into creating a place. All kinds of artifacts have been discovered and allowed us to try and understand what went on through the different eras […]

An educational experience at the Naval Aviation Museum in Bogmalo

naval aviation museum

Goa is not just a holiday destination. All of history and culture has led to it being educational as well. Education is not just relegated to schools and colleges. There’s education to be found in visiting the museums that exist in the state. We’ve got the Goa State Museum at the old Secretariat building in […]