Goa State Museum

The Goa State Museum in Panjim makes history come alive


There is a story behind the existence of every country in the world. History textbooks from school and university tell stories of crime, war, famine and even peace that went into creating a place. All kinds of artifacts have been discovered and allowed us to try and understand what went on through the different eras in history. And thanks to this, we now have museums depicting and showcasing these artifacts. Goa has a few of these museums that people can visit throughout the year. Goa’s history is long-drawn and well-known. Not only are there books but plenty of artifacts found through the years which now rest in various museums in the state. The Goa State Museum is one of the best places to see these. 

Other interesting museums in Goa are the Museum of Goa(MOG), Museum of Christian Art in Old Goa (MoCA) and the Naval Aviation Museum in Bogmalo, Vasco. Ancestral Goa, while not a government-run museum, is also a fascinating and fun place to visit.

 The Goa State Museum

In 1973, the Archaeology and Museum unit was set up in Goa. 4 years later, on 29th September, a small Museum was set up and inaugurated in a rented building at St. Inez To some it is also known as the State Archaeological Museum. It was later shifted to the EDC Complex in Patto. Today, the Goa State Museum is proudly located at the Old Secretariat building, which was Adil Shah’s Palace, in the heart of Panjim. The old Museum premises at EDC Complex will be destroyed to build another museum.

The Goa State Museum houses a lot of artifacts. As of 2008, it was believed to have some 8000 artifacts on display. The place even has different departments including Ancient History and Archaeology, Art and Craft, and Geology. Artifacts on display at the museum include stone sculptures, wooden objects, carvings, bronzes, paintings, manuscripts, rare coins, and anthropological objects. All these exhibits provide information about the ancient historical and cultural traditions of Goa. Everything is displayed thematically, showcasing different aspects of the history and culture of Goa.

A walk through the museum

The museum shifted from its premises at the EDC Complex in Patto sometime in May or June 2018. Today, the collection of artifacts on display is much more. It’s no wonder then, that the museum is divided into a number of galleries just to showcase all of them properly. There 14 galleries in the Goa State Museum each with a particular theme.

The Galleries which have been set up and open to the public are:-

1)  Sculpture Gallery
2)  Christian Art Gallery
3)  Printing History Gallery
4)  Banerji Art Gallery
5)  Religious Expression Gallery
6)  Cultural Anthropology
7)  Contemporary Art Gallery
8)  Numismatics Gallery
9)  Goa’s Freedom Struggle Gallery
10) Menezes Braganza Gallery
11) Furniture Gallery
12) Natural Heritage of Goa Gallery
13) Environment & Development Gallery
14) Geology Gallery

There is much to see at the Goa State Museum. It’s highly educational and a great chance for most of us to see and learn about Goa’s history and culture, under one roof. You can visit the Old Secretariat (formerly Adil Shah’s palace) in Panjim every day from Monday to Friday. The Goa State Museum is open from 09:30 to 17:30 daily. It remains closed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Museum Contacts

For more details, get in touch with the mentioned museum staff on their respective numbers.

Smt. Radha R. Bhave
Director & First Appellate Authority

Phone: (O) 0832 – 2436006

Shri Zilu R. Shetye,
Public Information Officer

Phone: (O) 2434406

Shri Sachin B. Bandodkar,
Assistant Public Information Officer

Phone: (O) 2434406

Email: [email protected]

Information credit – Wikipedia/ Goa State Museum website