Andores Resort & Spa: Serenity within the chaos of Calangute


Calangute has to be the busiest and most chaotic village in North Goa. It’s known for being home to most of Goa’s famous nightlife, numerous hotels and a variety of restaurants. Locals say that the village has reached its saturation point as far as the building of hotels goes. And yet somehow, there is always […]

Beautiful Raia village is one of South Goa’s most historical villages


The one thing that can be found in abundance in the beautiful state of Goa is churches. From tiny chapels at village junctions to massive whitewashed churches made from stone and brick, these can be found in almost every part of the state. Each one is beautiful in its own way. It’s not really a […]

The tiny village islet of Vanxim lies beyond Divar in a picturesque setting


Looking across the Mandovi river, the sister islands of Chorao and Divar are easily visible. As one drives down the Ponte Conde de Linhares, the islands get closer, separated only by the Mandovi. Both are just a short ferry ride away. Both these islands have a rich history and are well known to Goans all […]

The pretty and verdant village of Curtorim in Salcete


A mere 15 minute drive from Margao lies the beautiful village of Curtorim. It is picturesque and peaceful, with the river Zuari flowing gently on one side. There is an abundance of paddy fields in the village as well as the well known Curtorim lake. The village is also home to a number old Goan […]