Rachol, home to one of Asia’s oldest seminaries and a famous fort


Rachol is another village located in Salcete. Also known as Raitura, it is also where the famous Rachol Seminary is located. During the days of the Portuguese rule, Rachol also had a famous fort. Sadly, today all that remains of the fort is the old arched gateway and the moat that spanned the fort’s perimeter. […]

The day a Portuguese Emperor built a Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

It took none other than the King in Portugal to provide his seal to an order for establishment of the Shree Mahalaxmi Temple. In which place did the original idol of Shree Mahalaxmi Temple of Panaji hide for two centuries during the Portuguese inquisition? Today, few would know the answer. It has indeed been a […]

Romaans in your Pocket


Not many of you will remember this, but once upon a time there existed pocket sized Konkani romance novels called ‘romaans’. History of Konkani literature in Goa would be incomplete without this term. Housewives of sailors on board ships would relish these mini-sagas of love and betrayal, and then pass them on to other eager […]

Kunbi Tribal Facts

Did you know that apart from the Gowdas, the Kunbi tribe were the earliest settlers of Goa? Tribe History Kunbis, are arguably the earliest settlers of Goa. They are a sturdy tribal community mostly settled in Salcete Taluka, who were Hindus, were converted to Christianity during the Portuguese era, have still retained the most ancient […]

Tambdi Surla temple and its cool origin story!

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Tambdi Surla temple can be called a hidden gem (Literally!). Nested at the foothills of Western Ghats the temple is almost a 1000 years old. Over the years it has become a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. It is difficult to avoid the sound of gushing water from a stream that flows […]

What was Goa like before the Portuguese?


Ever wondered what was Goa like before the Portuguese rule? This article gives you a brief history before the Portuguese arrival. Prehistoric Goa Evidence of human life in Goa dates back to 8000-6000 B.C. where homo-sapiens  lived in the Konkan region with rock carvings of figures of Mother Goddess and many other motifs near the Kushavati […]

Migration of Goans – an age old tradition?

A substantial number of Goans migrate out of Goa for various reasons. Education, jobs etc are prominent reasons for them to leave Goa. Some choose to settle abroad and some choose to come back to Goa. ItsGoa.com takes a closer look at this age-old tradition. Many sources indicate that Goa traded internationally since the time […]

Dona Paula – fact or fiction?

Dona Paula

Some say she was an adulterous woman, some say a lonely widow. How many actually know the real story behind Dona Paula? There is one quality that is repeated in all those versions; Dona was a charitable lady with a kind heart. It is because of this quality the villagers decided to honour her by […]


A peculiar site reveals itself near Raj Bhavan (Governor’s official residence) in Dona Paula. A cemetery located right next to it, which looks like any other cemetery found across Goa. Strange aspect about the cemetery is that, graves in it aren’t the graves of Portuguese or the Local Goans. They belong to the British soldiers […]