Surla villagers want bars to remain permanently shut in their village


A month is almost up and the village of Surla’s liquor ban is on the verge of being lifted. However, the villagers are most upset about this and have threatened agitation if any of the bars in the village are reopened. From a one-month liquor ban in the village, they have now moved the government […]

Meters in Goa’s taxis soon as per the Supreme Court ruling


We’ve all seen what happens when the taxi operators in Goa go on strike. Locals and tourists alike are left stranded and the local taxi mafia wreaks havoc on everyone’s day to day lives. In the last few years, Goa has seen at least 2 or 3 big strikes by the taxi organization protesting for […]

Margao meets to demand that the RP 2021 for Goa be thrown out

RP 2021

The day is coming when Goa will no longer be a beach paradise. All the lush green fields, the rolling hills, the forests that are rich in flora and fauna will be turned into a concrete jungle. This is what will happen if or when greedy landgrabbers get their hands on the jewel that is […]

Mining dependents warn they will continue to agitate over mining ban

mining ban

Yesterday, the news media reported what looked to be chaos reigning supreme in the capital city of Panjim. Mining dependents came out in large numbers to protest the Supreme Court order passed in February that effectively shut down all mining operations in the state. This mining ban has affected hundreds and thousands and the mining areas […]

Mining community protests against Supreme Court order


Goa has a long history with the mining industry.  There were hushed whispers that Jains living in Cudnem used to extract gold in Goa. The existence of iron ore mines was known to the Portuguese from the early 1700s, but it was hushed up for fear of invasion by others. However, iron ore was extracted […]

All Goa taxi strike in effect from today creates havoc for tourists

taxi strike

The earlier announcement of Goa’s taxi operators going on strike came into effect today. As expected, the taxi strike has created chaos and havoc in the state. Tourists in the state have been left stranded. Taxi strike happens inspite of the government prohibiting it Even though the government invoked the Essential Services Management Act (ESMA) […]

Taxi operators in North and South Goa to strike from 19th January


The high esteem that Goa was once held in as a premier tourist destination is slipping downwards rapidly. Through-the-roof room rates thanks to GST, bad infrastructure as far as transport is concerned, high expenses on food and drink, the garbage problem faced in the state, are just a few reasons for these. In fact, the […]

Death for the man on hunger strike in Porvorim ?

hunger strike in Porvorim

His photos are trending on Facebook and his issue is being discussed on various social media platforms. However, the man on a hunger strike in Porvorim is still seeking justice after 35 days of protest. Sitting under the scorching sun for over a month, Balkrishna’s skin is severely sun burnt. However, a parched throat and […]

History repeats itself? Tibetan Youth to protest during BRICS summit in Goa

Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) have declared that they will stage a protest in Goa against Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to them, China is illegally occupying Tibet. TYC is based in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is the seat of Tibetan Government in exile. “As long as the occupation continues, as long as the communist […]