Why don’t tourists heed the warnings of lifeguards on the beach?

Warnings for tourists

The month of October has seen unprecedented weather conditions in Goa. On account of Cyclone Kyarr, the state has been lashed by heavy storms that have made the entire coastline extremely unsafe. Fishermen have not been able to go out to sea, but most importantly, on almost a daily basis, warnings have been issued by […]

‘Not all superheroes wear capes.’ Saluting the bravery of Varad Karmali

Vinod Karmali

India has never had a dearth of people we can look up to. Right up from our freedom fighters that fought for our independence, sportspeople who make us proud with their achievements and young guns across the country who are a source of inspiration to us all. As we usher in another glorious year of […]

Drishti lifeguards, unpaid for 8 months but still saving lives

Drishti Lifeguards

There’s no denying that this monsoon season has been the most extreme in recent history. A few days ago, ItsGoa collated pictures and videos that have been shared extensively through social media, documenting the severity of the flooding that has enveloped Goa from North to South. At a time when domestic tourism is high in […]

Drishti rescue for victims of Cyclone Luban and Cyclone Titli


Everyone knows how bad the monsoon season is in Goa. While nature gets a thorough shower and comes off sparkling in the aftermath, there is still a dangerous element to the season. Dams may overflow, rivers turn into relentless forces and the sea is beautiful but cruel to anyone that ventures in. Now, even though […]

Drishti lifeguards learn how to rescue distressed marine life


Goa has long since been known for a lot of things. History, culture, heritage, a laidback ambiance and so much more are part of the package deal that is Goa when looking for a fantastic holiday spot. But besides the usual tourism-related activities, there’s loads more in terms of the flora and fauna that India’s […]

Goa government sanctions 5 crores for Kerala relief operations


Kerala is doing its best to recover from the devastating floods that hit the southern state last week. Besides locals assisting in rescue efforts and also providing aid, many have driven into Kerala from other states, including Goa to also offer assistance. Goa has gone even further and has contributed 5 crores to the Kerala […]

Drishti lifeguards rescue fishermen in two separate incidents

Drishti lifeguards

The monsoons are still on in Goa even though they seem to have abated for now. That being said, it’s still not safe enough to go into the sea. Swimming is still off limits although the fishing ban is about to be lifted. That means fishermen are getting ready to start fishing once more. Of […]

Wounded turtle rescued

Recently Goan shores have seen a rise in the number of injured sea turtles.  We are fortunate that our locals immediately come to the rescue of these endangered species saving them from poachers or sure death. The most recent case of an injured turtle occurred on Sunday afternoon at Tembwada beach – a protected turtle […]