Blue whale challenge 17 year old mastermind finally arrested

“The Blue Whale Challenge- the ultimate traumatizing game. I will be guiding you throughout your deadly journey in this game. You will be given a task everyday– something crazy and mind-blowing like carving a whale on your body, watching a hilarious movie, slaughtering innocent animals and of course pictures to prove it all. The outcome […]

Goa expecting rise in foreign tourists this year from Russia, Estonia and Czech Republic

The Tourism Industry stakeholders are expecting an increase in the number of Russian and British arrivals for the coming Goa tourist season. Further, the new season will likely see charters from lesser-known European destinations like Czech Republic and Estonia. A clearer picture will emerge only by September end.  Although, tour operators and agents are optimistic […]

Goa to host BRICS Summit

We are continuously being informed about the economic slump and rising inflation in the country, but now there is reason to cheer as the International BRICS summit is coming to India next month. It will explore new avenues for economic development, among the 5 members of BRICS, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. […]