Angst of urban transwomen come alive on stage at the Serendipity Arts Festival 2022

Panaji, Dec 2022- From navigating daily challenges like transportation or even when it comes to using public toilets, hardship for transgender women is an everyday affair, according to Shanthi Muniswamy, an artist, who was a part of the team which put up the play ‘Nava’ on the experiences of urban transwomen at the Serendipity Arts […]

Panjim comes alive with Serendipity Art Festival

“..In Goa we need Foundations like Serendipity Arts and patrons like Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal to provide impetus to the arts movement and to strengthen culture..”- Shri Pramod Pandurang Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa Panaji, December 2022: The streets of Panjim have come alive with the launch of the 9-day Serendipity Arts Festival. An initiative by the Serendipity […]

Serendipity Arts Festival announces programming highlights for the fifth edition

November, New Delhi: Serendipity Arts Festival is back with its 5th edition with an incredible array ofinterdisciplinary arts and programmes, in Panaji, Goa. Slated from the 15th to the 23rd of December,Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF) promises a celebration of the arts, with the Old GMC Complex at itsheart, with additional venues including the Art Park, […]

Welcome to the Serendipity Arts Festival 2019, Goa’s premiere art festival

Serendipity Arts Festival 2019

The Serendipity Arts Festival 2019 began in Goa yesterday with an exciting array of projects and interactive experiences highlighting India’s rich traditions of music, dance and theatre, alongside culinary arts, craft, and visual arts. Organized for eight days, 15 – 22 December 2019, across 12 iconic venues in Panaji, Co-Presented by Havell’s and Powered by […]

Investigating the ‘illegal’ art installation in the intertidal zone in Panjim

art installation

The Serendipity Arts Festival 2017 showcased different art forms through painting, music, dance and even art installations. It was a week-long event to remember and if one walks around Panjim, the remnants of the festival can be seen here and there. There’s the giant painting of the Goan aunty down the side of the Junta […]

Street art makes its debut in Goa with the St+art Goa project

Street art

Goa has never seen street art take shape the way it did at the recently concluded Serendipity Arts Festival. The St+art Goa Project curated by Hanif Qureshi was met with mixed feelings and good cheer at the festival. The St+art Goa Project During the Serendipity Arts Festival, it was difficult to miss seeing the billboard-style […]

An Artful Experience at The Serendipity Arts Festival 2017


From an early age, we learn art. Toddlers learn to play with modelling clay by squishing it in their hands. It’s how they learn to make shapes and learn its texture. School further enhances the art experience for us. Whether it’s drawing, painting, clay modelling, craft making, we all get to see it and experience […]