A Guide to Transportation in Goa

The tiny state of Goa is a vibrant and picturesque destination known for its pristine beaches, lively nightlife, and rich culture. Whether you’re a solo traveller or visiting with family and friends, getting around Goa can be an exciting experience. The state offers a range of transportation options, from buses to taxis to motorbikes, to […]

Glitches in Goamiles App leave local public venting on social media


The much talked about Goamiles app for taxi services in the state, launched earlier this week. Originally seen as a blessing and much-needed tool for commuters and tourists, the app has not quite worked out the way it was supposed to. From technical glitches to a lack of vehicles showing availability on the app, perhaps […]

Time to say Dev Borem Korum to taxis in Goa ?

Taxis in Goa

Canada-based Goan, Mahesh Sardesai feels that Goa being one of the top tourism destinations in the country needs something more than the existing service of taxis in Goa to boost the state’s tourism economy. With that in mind, Sardessai started a petition – Chief Minister of Goa: Support Ola/Uber/Online Taxis in Goa. In less than […]

Stunning rise in vehicles registration in Goa?

The appalling road conditions since 2015 till date has not in any way put a dampener on the purchase of vehicles in the State. The transport statistics by the state department registered 74,563 new vehicles in 2015-16. Public and Private vehicles registered in 2015-2016: Vehicles Total Two-wheelers 53,458 Private cars and jeeps 16,353 Private tractors […]