Hummus do you like Middle Eastern food? Here are 5 of Goa’s best

Middle Eastern Food

You would think that with the number of Gulf returns in Goa, there would be a lot of Middle Eastern food options, but the reality is, it’s slim pickings. In the early 2000s, there was a sudden surge of ‘shawarma’ stands across Goa. Omni vans and rickshaws were (and still are) outfitted with a rotisserie […]

These 5 food trucks are better than most restaurants in Goa

Food Trucks Goa

Have you watched the movie ‘Chef’? If you haven’t, it’s an inspiring tale of how a well-known chef (played by Jon Favreau of Iron Man) lost his credibility after a bad review but went on to rediscover his love for food and cooking when he decides to take up a food truck. The star-studded cast […]

Psychology can now help choose the 5 best beaches in Goa for your personality

You’re probably second guessing this already, but don’t. Your personality deserves far more credit than you think. In fact, your personality type influences a number of decisions that you make on a daily basis, decisions like where to eat, what to wear, or even who to vote for. This same personality type could (in theory) […]