Food Trucks Goa

These 5 food trucks are better than most restaurants in Goa


Have you watched the movie ‘Chef’? If you haven’t, it’s an inspiring tale of how a well-known chef (played by Jon Favreau of Iron Man) lost his credibility after a bad review but went on to rediscover his love for food and cooking when he decides to take up a food truck. The star-studded cast includes Favreau’s Iron Man co-stars Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr., along with Sofia Vergara, Dustin Hoffman, and a cameo by Russell Peters. The movie was so popular, it spawned a Bollywood remake (of course) called … wait for it … Chef, starring Saif Ali Khan. Both movies glorify the freedom that comes with owning your own food truck but also brings to light the struggles that it entails.

If people didn’t realise how awesome food trucks were before, they definitely did after ‘Chef’ released. In Goa, food trucks have been around for a while, and in the last couple of years, we’ve seen the craze really catch on. There are numerous food trucks across Goa serving all manner of fast food. Goan favourites like cutlet bread and cafreal, or international cuisine such as Mexican and Greek food. With so many great choices available, we decided to take the guesswork out, and recommend our five favourite food trucks in Goa.

Beef Cutlet Bread at the Noronha's Corner Food Truck
Beef Cutlet Bread

Noronha’s Corner

This food truck is the OG of food trucks in Goa. The three Noronha brothers Chris, Joseph, and Lazaar have been around for close to two decades now. Stationed at the main Assagao-Anjuna junction that leads to Calangute and Siolim, these three brothers and their mother started off selling Goan home food from a cart. It was about seven years ago when they finally ‘made’ their very own food truck, complete with their favourite cartoon characters plastered across it. The Noronha’s food truck is a favourite among tourists and locals for their beef cutlet bread. They also serve a mean chicken cafreal, pork sorpotel, and downright delicious aad maas.

Pablo Quesadiar
Pablo Quesadiar


Parked near the Caranzalem circle, the Antojito’s food truck is an exercise enthusiast’s biggest temptation. This is the only truck in Goa that specializes in mouthwatering Mexican food – and it never disappoints. Started by Steve and Elvis, these two have made a name for themselves, especially at music festivals and cultural events serving their signature quesadillas, hot dogs, burgers, and even a Mexican style grilled steak. Other Mexican favourites include tacos, nachos, and beef chilli. If you’re in the mood for a truly satisfying burger without breaking the bank, try the Three Amigos, a sinful 40oz beef patty topped with prawn and bacon. Need we say more?

Chicken Wraps
Maruti serving up Chicken Wraps

Heera (Maruti)

Anyone who’s had a late night in Anjuna and needed nourishment at 2 am will tell you that there is only one place that will not let you down. Maruti. In fact, if you ask around for a place to eat after midnight, Maruti is the only name that comes to mind. Just ahead of the famous Starco junction in Anjuna on the road that leads to Vagator is the Heera food truck run by an always happy Maruti. The man is known across Anjuna for his monstrous subs that will put the likes of Subway to shame. Maruti does not serve beef, however, his chicken salami, chicken nugget, and tuna subs are stuffed enough for two people to eat comfortably. If you’re really hungry, try the chicken overload (complete with your choice of sauces). It takes a true foodie to finish that, and walk away.

Chicken Burger and chips
Chicken Burger and chips

Serial Grillers

This particular food truck is one of the newer entrants. Parked on the way to Lilliput in Anjuna, the Serial Grillers is known for, well, its grills! It’s open between 7 and 10 pm, serving a variety of burgers, and even a mouth-watering Philly cheesesteak. The adventurous among you will want to set your eyes and stomachs on The Monster Burger. This behemoth comes loaded with three beef patties, an egg, and loads of cheese. If you’re a more modest eater, their chilli hot dog is definitely the way to go! Thankfully, Luiton maintains a small and rather uncomplicated menu, focussing mainly on his lip-smacking chicken wings and burgers.

Beef Cutlet Bread at The Goan Food Truck
Beef Cutlet Bread

The Goan Food Truck

The south of Goa also has its fair share of food trucks, and if you’re heading towards Cansaulim, make sure you check out The Goan Food Truck. As the name suggests, there’s no fancy international cuisine here – just honest, home-cooked Goan food. Started by Sandrick D’Costa, this mother of three has an impressive menu of Goan favourites. We all know that you get the best choris in the south, which means you don’t want to walk away without having tried the sausage bread. Other favourites include her equally famous cutlet bread, and gravies such as pork sorpotel, and chicken Xacuti.

Did your favourite food truck make the list? Do have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.