Tinted windows among other driving offences to be curbed starting today

Goa Police removing tinted window film

According to the Road Traffic Office, there are four major causes of road accidents in Goa – and for the next two weeks, the police will be out in full force to curb these violations. Starting today till May 18, Goa Traffic Police will be stopping and fining motorists driving under the influence of alcohol, […]

Chaotic traffic scenes on the route that runs between Panjim and Margao


It’s a scene that has become very familiar to everyone that travels from Margao to Panjim every day. Scores of vehicles stuck end to end on a stretch of road that has bridge and highway going on simultaneously, riddled with potholes. To make matters worse, no one seems to have any patience, resulting in massively […]

Telangana women tourists allegedly assault female police in Arpora


We see it every day of the year. Tourists behaving badly. It gets worse during Christmas and New year but is still bad enough behavior to get a mention in the news almost every single day. From driving badly on Goa’s roads to camping, cooking and even defecating in public, they do it all. Take […]

Goa Road Accidents to be curbed with increased Traffic vigilance even in kids

Goa Traffic Police has devised a system of identifying and monitoring black spots where Road Accidents are prone to occur. Says Superintendent of Police (SP), Devesh Kumar Mahla, IPS, “Depending on the stretches where fatal and grievous accidents have been reported, certain black spots have been identified and monitored. At these points and time, the Traffic-in-Charge […]

Beyond the call of duty – Curchorem Traffic Police

Traffic police personnel and home security guards at Curchorem Police Traffic Cell recently undertook a mission to make the roads safer for motorist. Hiring the necessary tools and implements, a group lead by Traffic Officer Edwin Colaco trimmed the roadside vegetation from Curchorem – Sanguem road that was blocking the vision and posing a threat […]