Bootcamp Goa, the institute where training doesn’t feel like training

In today’s modern world of advancing technologies, everyone wants to keep pace with the changing trends in global technology. Each individual wants to be tech-savvy and technically smart. With avenues for great careers in the growing IT field, every person wants to have a perfect skill set in its domain, for which most of them […]

Resolve to get fit this 2019 with Fitness Bar in Panjim

The first month of the new year is over, and if one of your resolutions was to get fit, you’re probably feeling the burn – and not in a good way. Historically, February is the month where resolutions come to die, so if you feel like you’re losing motivation instead of weight, then maybe the […]

Move over Zumba. It’s time for some PoundFit in Goa!


Goa has its fair share of athletes, sports activities and gyms. There are a lot of people that like to keep fit in the state. The ones that want to do it for fun as well as get fit pick options like aerobics and Zumba. Zumba, in particular, has a very big following with lots […]

Become the next Goan idol!

Do you aspire to become a singer, but missing a touch of flair? Here are a few institutes training vocalist. Goans are very talented in the field of music. In addition, singing plays an important role in Goa. Several institutes in the state have recognized this talent and have taken up the initiative to start programmes […]