A long and adventurous road trip from Germany to Goa

road trip

Everyone loves to go on long road trips. Especially with no particular destination in mind. There’s something about driving with the wind in your face, singing along to the music playing and having a great time with friends that are taking the trip with you. But not everyone does a group road trip. There are […]

Travel by bus on a ship from Goa to Mumbai

A ‘Letter of award’ for the first ‘Ro-Ro’ (roll on-roll off) Mumbai to Goa ship service has been given. By bus on a ship from Mumbai to Goa! The ‘letter of award’ has been given to M/s. Maldar Dredgers and Salvagers by the Maharashtra Maritime Board. A dream come true for many a Mumbaikar and […]

How to spot Indian tourists in Goa

Many people have written about a ‘Goa vacation’, ‘how Goans are’ and the list just goes on and on. But what is the other side of the story? When Indian tourists come to Goa? Let’s see how locals get #touristalert. Not to forget, we do have amazing tourists who come here and genuinely appreciate Goa’s beauty […]

Benaulim Beach and its famous folklore village of ‘Banahalli’

The idyllic Benaulim beach is situated in South Goa between Colva and Mobor Beaches.  Its village name is steeped in folklore. A picturesque fishing village, Benaulim is dotted with paddy fields and still retains the Portuguese feel. There are two beaches, the main Benaulim Beach and a smaller one called Vaddi. Benaulim boasts of being one of […]

Have tourists lost faith in Goa’s Justice System?


Goa has received a lot of negative publicity due to the spate of crimes against foreign tourists in the last decade. These crimes have definitely tarnished the image of Goa, for the foreseeable future. One question on a lot of people’s minds is – Is Goa still safe for lone foreign tourists travelling to the […]

Jeremy in top gear blogging across the world on his own


Jeremy left his home when he was 18, with everything he owned in a single backpack and began blogging across the world.  It was hell when he dropped out of college as he had no one to believe in him. His own ‘mom’ called him a disgrace. But he understood that she only wanted what “was […]

Mumbai to Goa Ship services to resume after 26 years

Ship services

Ship services between Mumbai and Goa to resume once again since the last trip approximately 26 years ago. It’s a joint decision of Mumbai Port Trust (MPT) and Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB) to bring this service back to light again. A senior official from MMB said, “The service is expected to start by end of March […]

Goa to Mumbai in 6 hours by road

Union Minister for Roads Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said that: travelling to Goa from Mumbai by road may soon take only six hours due to the construction of a new four-lane concrete highway. There is a large number of Goans settled in Mumbai for education, work or other purposes. Due to this, they need to […]

Goa to host its first ever bird festival in November

“A three-day festival like this would give a big boost to bird tourism in this coastal State, which is at a nascent stage”, said President of Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN) Parag Rangnekar in a report by The Hindu. Goa is set to host its first ever bird festival from November 11 to 13. The […]