TEDxPanaji all set to inspire with ‘Thinkers’ and ‘Doers’


After inspiring the world through discussions and motivational stories, the first independently organised TEDxPanaji will be held in Goa.

When? The event will take place on Saturday, January 28. Where? At the Chemistry Department Auditorium, Department of Science, Goa University Campus, Taleigao.

For those unfamiliar with TEDx events, thinkers and doers will meet on a single platform to discuss ideas in any field.  TEDx talks are being hosted in many countries and are being watched by millions of viewers on YouTube and similar platforms.

The theme for the first edition of TEDxPanaji is #AnswersWithin

Speaking about the relevance of its theme, organiser Dattaprasad Shetkar says, “The answers to the simple as well as the most complex issues that we face, lie within us. The theme celebrates the unlimited potential of the human spirit.”

TEDxPanaji curator Neha Prabhu, says, “Ideas spark a discussion that can evolve into a movement. This can change society and the world at large. We have curated some unique ideas from the local community that we are proud to share it with the world.”

In a world that is shrinking with technology, its issues are growing. However, ideas are the answer to the problems that affect us globally. TEDxPanaji is focussing on technology, entertainment and design, through which potential ideas will be shared.

Who’s going to spur our imagination?

Nine speakers from in and around Goa will present their unique ideas.

Jason Fernandes – Founder – Smartklock

Founder of award-winning startup Record TV, Jason’s latest venture is Smartklock Inc. Born with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and hyper activity attention disorder, Jason is now an award-winning entrepreneur, inventor and technology columnist. His work looks at the interaction between human mind and technology.

Isabel De Santa Rita Vás – Theatre Artist

Isabel is a founder member of an amateur theatre company, The Mustard Seed Art Company, established in 1987 in Goa. A dynamic personality when it comes to the field of performing arts and a firm believer in the healing quality of theatre as an art form and its rare collaborative nature.

Mohammad Shaikh – Managing Trustee – University of Life

Mohammad is the youngest fellow selected at Dr. Abhay Bang Nirmaan Camp for Youth in 2003 and believes that his poverty is a strength and not a weakness. Completing non-conventional education, he is now a Managing Trustee of an esteemed non-profit organisation.

Dr Abhijit Nadkarni – Addictions Psychiatrist

An addictions psychiatrist and author of numerous publications, he contributes tremendously in the field of research. Dr Abhijit’s major interests include encompassing global mental health, particularly alcohol use disorders while being a tutor on leadership in mental health courses.

Richard Dias – GM at Garbage Treatment Plant

An engineer turned event-manager; Richard continuously takes up work as a citizen volunteer for the Corporation of the City of Panaji. Stunned by the gross mismanagement of the city’s waste, he is playing an instrumental role in the creation of Waste Wise Programme and much more.

Victor Hugo Gomes – Curator of Museums

A conceptualiser and curator of Indo-Portuguese and Goan antiquities, Victor is actively involved in conceptualising major art and cultural events in India for over 25 years.

Dr Rajendra Kerkar – Environmentalist and Samruddhi Kerkar -Student of School without walls

Dr Rajendra routinely organises mobile exhibitions, using media to help promote local folklore. He is a key children’s rights activist. A passionate environmentalist, he has delivered over 3,000 talks on the ecology of the larger Goan landscape, working in close tandem with various conservationists for a greener Goa.

Samruddhi is Dr Rajendra’s 16-year-old daughter and a child of home-schooling. After picking up writing skills in Marathi, Hindi, Konkani and English at 10 years, she now writes for several publications. Her article on interacting with wildlife and environment compiled and published under the title ‘Aprup Vasundhareche’.

Dr Amit Dias – Dept. of Preventive Medicine, Goa Medical College

Recently awarded a fellowship in Public Health Leadership at the Emory University, USA, he is the chairperson of an NGO dedicated to the cause of bridging the treatment gap for mental health across age spectrum. An epidemiologist specialising in geriatric medicine and infectious disease, he is leading the Alzheimer’s Awareness movement in Goa.

Hyacinth Pinto – Architect

Goan architecture is always seeking the right balance between beauty and sustainability. Hyacinth, a young Goan architect stands firmly in support of traditional mud houses and sustainable architecture.

Are you heading to TEDxPanaji? We’d be happy to have your views!