A hobby that engages and educates: Numismatics and Philately


Philately or postage stamp collection – an educational hobby practised not only by the young but seniors as well. Enthusiasts go to any lengths to obtain stamps of value. The stamps either being of limited edition one or rare due to its antiquity. Collectors procure albums to display the stamps usually arranged country-wise. Rare stamps come at a high price if bought. Therefore collectors try to find them by exchanging with other enthusiasts. Sometimes they keep a keen eye on vendors around street corners, especially in Metros, that sell old and rare stamps cheaper. The only fear is that these vendors are not always genuine. In fact, Philately entails a thorough study of how to recognise whether a postage stamp is genuine, whether it is valid, whether is it worth the price that you pay.  Before venturing into this interesting hobby, one needs to thoroughly study the subject.

money-1214945__340Numismatics, on the other hand, is a study and collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. A hobby just like Philately. Enthusiasts collect currency or objects as mentioned above, of different countries. Rarity and age, do play a vital role, especially in the collection of currency. Philately and Numismatics go hand in hand since both entail similar methods.

The Goa Philately and Numismatics Society

Founded in 1975, The Goa Philately and Numismatic Society has come a long way, having succeeded in creating awareness about the subject of Philately and Numismatics among the people of Goa. Promoting the hobby of stamps and coin collection among the youth and children of Goa.

Recently on January 22, 2017, this Society conducted an exhibition at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao (South Goa). The exhibits were on various topics like Portuguese India, British India, post-Independence India, joint issues of India, Indian cinema, personalities, famous authors, Antarctica, and much more. The members of the society displayed the exhibits. The exhibition was open to all from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

The Society also conducted a workshop on philately and numismatics at the venue. A lot of knowledge can be gained through stamps and coins, explain the members.

Upon enquiry, a Member confirmed that they would be holding such exhibitions throughout Goa, having already conducted a few in South Goa, they would head North as well.

A Philatelic Bureau counter exists at the Panaji Head Post Office, Panaji, Goa.

Looking forward to an exhibition in North Goa, we encourage our readers and followers to introduce themselves, their children or grandchildren to the world of Philately and Numismatics.  What better way to engage themselves?