get fit in Goa

Tis the month to get fit in Goa


Tired of continuously watching your diet? Struggling to find motivation to stay fit? Then why aren’t you joining the hundreds of people using February to get fit in Goa?

After some heavy December dinners and a lot of January jabbering, it’s time to focus on February fitness!

After practising your right to the adult franchise on February 4th, (begin lacing up to get fit in Goa.

Goa Marathon 2017, Linc Tower Run Goa 2017 and the Goa Triathlon 2017 are coming at you hard and fast within a space of 8 days.

Should I be lacing up to get fit in Goa?

Don’t ask me! Ask yourself! Don’t you want to be able to go for a brisk walk or a short run and not feel like you need an oxygen mask?
Get on your feet, stretch, and begin moving. The key to completing any race is the first step and you my friend are the only one who can make it happen.

What do I need to get fit in Goa?

Goa is one of the most pristine locations to perform any sort of exercise. However, any location should not be a problem.

A comfortable pair of shoes and socks: You may purchase these from one of the several sports outlets. Don’t go by brands or advertisements. Purchase footwear only after easing your feet into it and ensuring they wrap your feet and provide adequate support.

Bright coloured and appropriate clothing: While running or walking you have to ensure that you are visible to the motorist, especially if you’re exercising on roads.
Clothing made of synthetic materials helps in allowing your body to breathe, sweat efficiently and regulate core temperature.

Where can I begin my quest to get fit in Goa?

Goa Marathon 2017 – Sunday, February 5, 5 am onwards

The Goa Marathon – an annual event organised in Panaji, for the cause of homes and hope for the homeless. It aims at raising awareness of the need to alleviate the suffering of the homeless and street children.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust is organising the sixth edition of the event in Panaji.

The four categories of this year’s event are: A 21 kilometre Half Marathon, for ages 18 years and above. A 10.5 kilometre run for ages 18 years and above. A 5-kilometre dream run for ages 12 years and above. Also a ‘school run’ for two gender categories and two age categories.

Linc Tower Run, Goa 2017 – Sunday, February 5, at 8 am

The fourth edition of this iconic race up and down staircases of 5 seven-storeyed buildings is taking place at EDC Complex, Patto.
Participants are taking on the challenge of climbing and descending a total of 840 steps.

Gera’s Imperium II, Gera’s Imperium I, Kamat Plaza, Star Bhavan (Bank of India) and Dempo Trade Centre, are on course to be the participants’ nemesis.

Individual and Team Challenge: Individuals run up and down all five buildings. Teams of five members do a relay; each person runs up and down one building and passing the baton to the next. There are three Team categories: Groups, Corporate and Inter-Collegiate.

Vertical Sprint: 1 Building Only! Anyone can do this as it is a race up the seven stories of Gera’s Imperium II and down again.

Goa Triathlon 2017 – Sunday, February 12, 6.30 am onwards

The ultimate test of mind and body, this fight is not for the weak at heart. Are you ready to push yourself to the limit at Bambolim?

Enduro Sports is organising The Goa Triathlon 2017 which has two categories.

The Super Sprint Triathlon involves swimming for 400 metres, cycling for 10 kilometres and running for 2.5 kilometres.
The Olympic Triathlon involves swimming for 1.5 kilometres, cycling for 40 kilometres and running for 10 kilometres.

If you don’t want to jump into a race immediately, you could start with short distances and build your stamina gradually. But we want to get fit in Goa so we’ll see you at the races…this year or next!

Need some motivation or a buddy to run with? Write in, we shall try our best to help!