The Beer Circus Heads to Goa this November And You Have to Be There

As kids, we were all taken to the circus at least once in our lives. And we loved it. Today, I don’t think they are much fun to visit. But, it looks like there’s a new kind of circus heading to Goa this November. The Beer Circus!

A 2-day celebration of all things beer and beer-related are probably just what the doctor ordered for the start of the tourist season. The Beer Circus definitely promises to bring all of it under one roof.

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” – Ben Franklin. Well, there’s no concrete proof that he actually said these words. The beer enthusiasts might disagree though. Either way, the thought is a fun and comforting one.

Beer Circus
It’s beer at the beach!
Pic for reference only.

About The Beer Circus 2017

This event is the brainchild and property of Pataka Events. Pataka Events is owned and operated by Joshua Antao, Ayesha Kirti Gurung, and Natasha Parekh. The Beer Circus is in fact, being curated, designed and executed by them.

To be in Goa means you just gotta have that chilled bottle or glass of beer in one hand while relaxing at the beach. Therefore there’s no better state than Goa to host this kind of event.

The Beer Circus 2017 is being held at the Stone Water Eco Resort, Bogmalo, on 4th and 5th November 2017. Close to the waters of Hollant Bay, it’s the perfect location for the 2-day event. It also helps that the location is a mere 5 kilometers from the airport. So if you land in Goa on 4th or 5th November, waste no time in heading straight to the venue. Similarly, if you have time to kill before a flight on either 5th or 6th November, you know where to be.

A Sneak Peek at what’s in store for us at The Beer Circus 2017

If beer fascinates you to no end, then this is definitely going to be the kind of event to give you an up close and personal look into the world of beer.

Styled along the lines of the world-famous Oktoberfest held in Germany every year, The Beer Circus 2017 plans to bring you a mix of beers from across the country – a mix of commercial and craft beers. The food also promises to be interesting.  Home chefs get a chance to show off their culinary expertise with ‘beer’ as the theme for their dishes. Or just dishes that go well with a chilled mug of beer with that little something extra to make them different.  Live music in different genres is also going to play its part in keeping visitors enthralled.

There’s going to be a flea market at The Beer Circus 2017 as well. You can pick up quirky little gift items like T-shirts, collectibles and dreamcatchers and the like. All with beer as the theme which sounds really interesting.

One of the most interesting areas at the Beer Circus is The Brewniversity, the learning zone at TBC. It’s here that renowned brewmasters will impart interesting beer knowledge and conduct various beer tasting sessions for the interested F&B community in Goa.  Gracing the premiere season of TBC, is John John Eapen, a well-known Beer evangelist, quite popular in the Beer Fraternity around India. Check out his LinkedIn profile for more information –

Get yourself chugging

To make things easier for visitors, The Beer Circus 2017 curators have created a concept called “FROTH INN”. Visitors can stay at the venue itself in luxurious log cabins at Stone Water Eco Resort itself. Packages are available on their website –

Tickets to the event will be available at select locations across Goa and over online portals such as BookMy.comShow and

So go follow them on Instagram – @thebeercircusgoa and Facebook – or you can call them at +91 9284461710 and also email them at [email protected] No one will blame you if you want to join this circus, after seeing what’s in store! Cheers!!!!


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