Weak global cues create off-colour hues. But what if one found a place with strong global cues? A wood-paneled restaurant called The Courtyard, run by young entrepreneur Mayur Dhond is one such place. The global cues are strong where food is concerned a crispy Papad Roll in a shot glass, colourful sauces, mint chutney, tomato sauce and hone chilli dip. For starters try the Wok Tossed Basa Fish, slightly crispy on the outside and soft inside with cherry tomatoes and spring onions. It’s a Continental preparation cooked in a wok. Or start closer home Goan. The Fish Tikka with Raechado and the melting moments of sheer bliss. Or perhaps the Candy Pops? Not a fantasy; just Sabudana Vada on sugarcane sticks. They look like lollipops and are dipped in the chilli honey dip. Remember to chew on the sugarcane for that sweet taste an innovative idea. The food is economical and caters to all palates.

The Fried Squids on a bed of Creamy Spinach a morsel of the squid with that cheesy, creamy spinach will have you grinning, like the proverbial Cheshire cat. Infuse your spirit with the Brandy Infused Prawns in Butter Garlic Sauce with a hint of chilli flakes: it adds spice to the spirit. It’s not all cool and Continental: try the spicy Sri Lankan Chicken Curry with Steamed Rice. Or move around the way the Balinese dancers do after eating the Vegetable Balinese Curry. The Fondue is best had with marshmallows and fruit. Their piece de resistance is a Bavarian blob, which is rich, creamy German chocolate cake with rum and oozing with chocolate. A global experience like this ensures the right feelings.


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