‘The Shop’- By Kabir Singh & Aishwarya Singh.


Kabir Singh, Director and Head of ‘The Shop’, in conversation with Its Goa, shares insights into the brand’s stringent commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability and conscious living that has been inculcated over 50 years. Singh also highlights the reason for Goa being the ideal location for the promotion of eco-conscious fashion and lifestyle ventures and outlines his vision for the company.

Kabir Singh, the dynamic Director of ‘The Shop’, a brand with a deep-rooted legacy of fifty years in sustainable and artisanal craftsmanship. Kabir, a visionary in the realm of eco-conscious fashion, has skilfully steered ‘The Shop’ on a path that intertwines traditional practices with contemporary sensibilities. His insights into the brand’s evolution, its commitment to sustainability, and the choice of Goa as a pivotal location for their venture are both enlightening and inspiring.

Can you provide a brief overview of The Shop, its founders, and its journey since its founding in 1969?

Singh: The inception of The Shop dates back to 1969, when Kamal Singh and Preminder Singh set out on a journey to create something truly remarkable. Over five decades, this endeavour has evolved into a haven where tradition converges with modern design. Our collections, spanning various categories like clothing and home decor, embody our commitment to inclusivity and sustainability. From the intricate techniques we employ, like hand embroidery and silk screen printing, to our emphasis on eco-friendly practices, every aspect reflects our dedication to preserving tradition while embracing innovation.

At our core lies a belief in honouring our artisans, who breathe life into each creation, preserving the essence of traditional craftsmanship. This, coupled with our desire to create a conscious living experience, forms the essence of The Shop—an ode to heritage, elegance and a harmonious blend of cultures.

What motivated the decision to debut in Goa through a pop-up at the Museum of Goa?

Singh: Debuting in Goa through a pop-up at the Museum of Goa in Pilerne was a decision rooted in our desire to connect with a vibrant community passionate about art, culture, and craftsmanship. Goa holds a special place in celebrating creativity and the Museum of Goa provided us with an incredible platform to showcase our commitment to artistry and sustainability. It was an opportunity to share our journey, engage with like-minded individuals and weave our ethos of conscious living into the rich tapestry of Goa’s cultural landscape. The pop-up at the Museum of Goa connected us with creative minds, which has been amazing. As we venture into Panaji, we aim to broaden our horizons and tap into a diverse market. This expansion marks an exciting new chapter in our journey within the vibrant landscape of Goa.

How has the response been from customers in Goa, and has it influenced the brand’s future plans?

Singh: We opened our first Goa store at the Museum of Goa in December 2022 and the response from customers in Goa has been phenomenal and filled with positive energy! Our brand has been embraced with enthusiasm, and we’re thrilled to witness the vibrant and lively spirit of the Goan community reflected in their appreciation for our products. The men’s shirts, women’s dresses and co-ord sets are popular items in our apparel section and the curtains, cushion covers and tablecloths in our home category have found several takers. The response from customers in Goa has surpassed our expectations, and it’s been incredibly heartening. The enthusiasm and support from individuals who share our values have been truly inspiring. It’s led us to seriously consider opening a new permanent store in Goa. The warmth and resonance of like-minded individuals embracing our shop and products have fuelled our aspirations to deepen our roots in this beautiful community.

What are the various products offered by The Shop?

Singh: At The Shop, our product range is a celebration of artistry and functionality. We offer a wide spectrum of items, starting with our clothing line catering to men, women and kids. From elegant dresses and kurtas to stylish tops, shirts and bottoms, we strive to cater to diverse tastes and occasions. For the little ones, our collection includes enchanting outfits, cuddly soft toys and wooden games and toys, ensuring they have their own space filled with joy and comfort.

When it comes to home decor, we’ve curated an assortment that adds character to living spaces. From tablecloths, napkins, bed linens, quilts, throws, cushions and curtains to an array of home accents, we aim to redefine interiors with a touch of elegance. Beyond these, our range extends to kitchenware, personal care items, accessories and our unique ‘YOU CARE’ line, which repurposes scrap fabrics into innovative and eco-conscious products.

What sets The Shop apart in terms of design and style in the home and interior furnishings market?

Singh: Our distinctive edge in the home and interior furnishings market stems from our artisanal approach to design and commitment to sustainability. We take pride in crafting our prints and reviving old techniques such as Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Shibori or Gudri, where a collective of talented artists and craftsmen create unique and vibrant designs. We prioritise quality, using topnotch fabrics and materials to ensure excellence in every piece we create. Embracing sustainability, we aim to use natural dyes derived from sources like madder, indigo and coffee, reflecting our ecoconscious philosophy.

Moreover, our dedication to sustainability extends to our innovative use of leftover fabric scraps. These remnants are transformed into exclusive bags, patchwork items, toys and various home decor pieces, showcasing our commitment to both sustainability and aesthetic appeal.

Could you elaborate on The Shop’s commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging?

Singh: Our commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging is deeply ingrained in our ethos. We’ve implemented various practices to minimise our environmental footprint. Recycling water by treating it and utilising every last scrap of leftover fabric underscores our dedication to reducing waste.

Moreover, our stance against plastic is firm. From the packaging of our products to the delivery process, we opt for eco-friendly solutions. Our products are packaged in paper bags, ensuring a sustainable approach at every stage. Additionally, our shopping bags are crafted from leftover fabric, providing a reusable and eco-conscious option for our customers with each purchase. It’s all part of our unwavering commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The Shop prides itself on durable products. Could you share insights into the materials and design choices that contribute to product durability?

Singh: Our fabric selection is the cornerstone of our commitment to quality. We meticulously source materials like cotton voile, silk, and highquality satin to ensure our products stand out amidst the saturation of low-quality options in the market. We prioritise these premium materials and the best production methods as alternatives, ensuring that each piece reflects our dedication to offering durable and superior-quality products that resonate with our customers.

What challenges has The Shop faced, and how has the company adapted to changes in consumer preferences or industry trends over the years?

Singh: Navigating challenges has been an integral part of our journey at The Shop. Adapting to changes in consumer preferences and industry trends has been both challenging and enlightening. We’ve encountered shifts in consumer tastes and market dynamics over the years. To address this, we’ve remained agile, constantly evolving our designs and offerings to align with changing preferences.

One challenge we’ve tackled is the influx of lowquality products saturating the market. To counter this, we’ve stayed committed to sourcing premium materials like cotton voile, silk, and high-quality satin. This emphasis on quality has been pivotal in distinguishing our brand amidst the competition. Moreover, as consumer awareness about sustainability and durability grows, we’ve embraced this shift whole heartedly. We’ve focused on crafting durable, long-lasting products that resonate with customers seeking both quality and ethical practices. Adaptability has been our strength. It’s enabled us to not just survive but thrive in an ever-evolving industry, allowing us to maintain our commitment to offering timeless craftsmanship and sustainable living.

What are your future plans and aspirations for The Shop, both in terms of product offerings and market expansion?

Singh: Our journey at The Shop is an ever-evolving adventure, and we’re excited about the future. Our aspirations revolve around continuing to offer exceptional products crafted with timeless craftsmanship and sustainability at their core. In terms of products, we’re dedicated to expanding our range while staying true to our ethos. We aim to introduce more diverse offerings that echo our commitment to durable, high-quality materials and designs that stand the test of time. Market expansion is also on our horizon. We’re exploring opportunities to further our presence in regions that appreciate our values and craftsmanship. This might include opening new stores or engaging in more pop-ups, all with the aim of sharing our dedication to beautiful living and sustainable practices with even more communities.

Ultimately, our future plans revolve around staying true to our roots while embracing innovation. Our aim is to continue crafting a narrative that celebrates conscious living, elegance, and craftsmanship, ensuring that The Shop remains a beacon of timeless artistry and sustainability, resonating with communities far and wide.

Is there anything else you would like to share about The Shop’s values, vision, or upcoming initiatives?

Singh: At The Shop, our values of craftsmanship, sustainability and conscious living are at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to continually evolve while staying true to these principles, offering products that not only reflect exquisite artistry but also contribute to a more sustainable world. Regarding upcoming initiatives, we’re excited to explore new avenues that further our commitment to sustainability and community engagement. Whether it’s through innovative collaborations, initiatives supporting artisans or endeavours promoting ecoconscious practices, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact beyond just crafting beautiful products.

Overall, our journey is about weaving a tapestry of elegance, sustainability, and meaningful connections. We’re always looking forward to sharing more stories, fostering deeper engagements and creating a space where artistry and conscious living converge.