The Shop celebrates Goa’s sustainability champions and supporters with sustainable MalMal Mela summer collection

Assavri Kulkarni, photographer, alongside her daughter Naia Kulkarni, dressed in The Shop’s MalMal Mela summer collection.

In an ode to The Shop’s sustainable endeavours in the fashion industry, advocates and supporters of Sustainability in Goa showcased the sustainable design house’s eco-friendly cotton voile garments from the MalMal Mela summer collection for men, women and children through a fashion walk at the Sangolda store’s premises.

The illustrious line-up of sustainability champions and supporters included historian Heta Pandit, sustainable architect Tallulah D’Silva, co-founder of Children’s Art Studio in the Museum of Goa (MOG), Pilerne and MOG operational head Sharada Kerkar, journalist and senior features editor at The Navhind Times Danuska Da Gama, art consultant and curator Samira Sheth, sustainable fashion designer Ninoshka Alvares-Delaney, sustainability champion who has worked in the area of waste management Richard Dias, architect Deeksha Thind, photographer Assavri Kulkarni, ophthalmologist and content creator Kuheli Bhattacharya and upcoming personal stylist Riza Noronha.

The champions who are celebrated in the field of sustainability were part of the fashion walk that took place during the store’s opening in Sangolda. (L-R standing) Danuska Da Gama, Richard Dias, Tallulah D’Silva, Deeksha Thind, Ninoshka Delaney, Heta Pandit, Preminder Singh, Samira Sheth, Riza Noronha, Sharada Kerkar. (L-R sitting) Kuheli Bhattacharya along with her son, Shreysht Bhattacharya, Ninoshka Delaney’s sons Eli and Daniel, Assavri Kulkarni along with her daughter, Naia Kulkarni.

“The Shop’s sustainable contribution to the fashion industry is commendable, especially in this day and age. Having had the opportunity to wear and showcase The Shop’s eco-friendly clothing before, I am pleased to once more adorn myself in these chic, sustainable garments from the MalMal Mela summer collection at the Sangolda store,” said Heta Pandit, co-founder, Goa Heritage Action Group.

Bringing eco-friendly and tasteful fashion to serene and picturesque Sangolda, The Shop, unveils its second dedicated store with an exciting range of carefully crafted handmade apparel for men, women and children and home décor.

The store in Sangolda, much like its sister store in Panaji, employs a green architectural aesthetic that takes customers on an immersive journey, with its array of conscientiously curated artisanal products reflecting The Shop’s eco-conscious practices.

“We are thrilled to have Goa’s esteemed sustainability activists showcase our offerings in the serene setting of Sangolda. We aim to further contribute to Goa’s wonderful sustainability-oriented ethos, employing a zero-waste approach to our craft. We want to introduce The Shop’s eco-friendly offerings to more people in Goa,” said Preminder Singh, Founder, The Shop.

Preminder Singh, founder of The Shop, addressing the gathering on the day of the store opening.

With a commitment to sustainability since 1969 and still going strong, The Shop’s work ethos centres around creating intricate handcrafted textiles utilising traditional, sustainable processes.

“The Shop promotes environmentally sustainable production methods across the manufacturing process, such as using natural dyes, hand tie-and-dye techniques, durable printing techniques like discharge printing and silk screen printing, hand embroidery and quilting of contemporary and traditional textiles,” stated Aishwarya Singh, Director, The Shop.

The Shop’s varied textile inventory, which comprises traditional Indian designs with inspiration from traditional Japanese and English cultures, will be open to more sections of society in Goa to explore by way of the inaugural of the second store in Sangolda. 

Indian textile prints like kalamkariajrakhleheriya, the Indonesian print batik, the Japanese print Aizomeshibori and sashiko, and English floral patterns are a few of the multicultural textile prints The Shop has to offer. The Shop’s timely new summer collection, ‘MalMal Mela’, made of cooling natural cotton voile is also appropriate for combating the sweltering Goan heat.

The Shop focuses on the cross-pollination of cultures, resulting in a distinctive Indo-Western-Oriental fusion emerging from the amalgamation of English floral patterns and the environmentally-friendly Indian printing process of ajrakh using organic vegetable dyes.

Home décor items are also a part of The Shop’s offerings, from curtains and tablecloths to wooden and brass home accents, all utilitarian. The Shop’s YOU CARE collection utilizes fabric scraps for its items, ranging from soft toys for children to stationery.

About The Shop

The Shop is a sustainable legacy design house practicing steady growth in the fashion and lifestyle industry. What sets the design house apart from its competitors in the fields of interior décor and apparel is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness from its inception over 50 years ago. 

Founded by Kamal Singh and Preminder Singh in 1969, all the products are manufactured and sourced directly from textile, kalamkariajrakh, woodwork and applique hand embroidery artisans. The Shop prioritises the preservation of traditional skills, fostering skill development and nurturing sustainability. 

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