The Ultimate Goa traveller pack


I don’t know if you as a traveller has faced the issue of carrying excess items like clothes, shoes etc. etc. while touring, and not being able to use everything you have carried. Well I am going to be gracious enough and make your packing troubles go away by compiling a list of essentials you must carry on your trip to this beautiful state.

Traveller Essentials

Its monsoon time! And if you decided to explore Goa during this season, you have made a good choice. There are loads of activities taking place throughout the 4 wet months, also travel, stay and food are cheap, keeping it light on your wallet. Since it is wet weather, it is a must to carry extra clothes as you are bound to get drenched and dirty- no fun if you don’t -also drying damp clothes in monsoon will take a while. Firstly and most importantly is to carry coins, for some unknown reason small change in Goa is difficult to obtain. Bus conductors and shop keepers will always ask for change, and if you don’t have enough, you will probably receive toffee or chewing gum worth the amount to be returned, hence there are never enough coins you can carry. Moving on to the more important things, if you are coming to Goa for four days during the monsoon, here is a list of items as a traveller you must pack:

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Umbrellas/raincoats
  • 1 good quality water-proof footwear
  • 4 t-shirts/ blouses
  • 2-3 shorts or knee length jeans
  • 1 plastic/water-proof bag for shopping
  • 1 hand sanitizer
  • Pills for flu, stomach ache and common colds

In the rains, many places are mucky and messy; hence finding good sanitation is one important aspect. Pavements and road are also places to watch out for, so if you are renting a scooter or car drives safely as you are not only responsible for yourself but others around you too. Insects like flies and mosquitoes swarm all over especially on food. Therefore ensure you heat up the food thoroughly (or avoid edible cold items like Gola or Chats), before a meal and please sanitize. Who knows what you had touched along the way, a pocket size hand sanitizer is good enough. Carry the above mentioned as they are all you need to get through the vacation.

My last advice, I know many of you (women in particular) who are tempted to carry a little extra. I am just the same. Packing is a royal pain and I feel like I haven’t carried enough. Well take my advice and ignore that voice in your head. Refrain from carrying excess items like jewellery, too many make up products and food items . All basic necessities are available in Goa. Plus you will have more luggage space to store all the souvenirs you’ve purchased on your trip here (wink). I hope you have a glorious time here in Goa.

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