Treasures in Goa Blanked out from Books


Here is a list of treasures in Goa which your average guide would not tell you about. These treasures are places you should visit if you want a piece of the not so commercial part of Goa.

The Treasures

Cumbarjua Canal

The Cumbarjua Canal is a 15 kilometer long stretch of water located about a 25 minute drive from Panjim through Ribander. It links the two biggest rivers flowing in Goa, the Mandovi and Zuari. The Cumburjua Canal is one of the only places in Goa where crocodiles can actually be seen in the wild. The huge deadly-looking crocodiles with dagger like teeth can be seen in this creek. Most of the crocodiles can be seen sunbathing on the muddy banks of the canal, keeping a watchful eye on the people passing by. The narrow creek that intrudes into the thick forest gives people the opportunity to feast their eyes on crocodiles living in their natural habitat. You will find a variety of migratory birds here too!

Savoi Spice Plantations

The Savoi Spice plantations are over 200 years old and cover an area of 100 acres. It is located in the village of Savoi, about 30 kilometers from the City of Margao. The plantation boasts of a purely organic and natural environment. The pond present there attracts a large variety of birds. The farm gives everyone the opportunity to take part in an all-natural environment by offering facilities like accommodation and meals. The traditional homes provided offer a unique staying experience.

Arvalem Falls

The Arvalem waterfalls fall from a height of 50 meters. It is just 8 kilometers away from Bicholim. The roaring foam water flows from a steep break of 7 meters. The lake which is formed below supplements the picturesque composition against the surrounding rocks. On one side of the falls is the bridge which is considered an amazing place to admire the serene beauty of nature and for photography. After monsoons Arvalem waterfalls takes a very majestic look. The Rudreshwar Temple gives a magnificent view of the falls.

Aravalem Caves

A beautiful example of historical presence in Goa is the Arvalem Caves or the Pandava Caves. It is located in the vicinity of the Arvalem Waterfalls. The origin of the caves dates back to the 6th century! Popularly known as the Pandava Caves, these caves have derived their name from the five Pandavas of the Mahabharata. According to a legend, the Pandavas sought refuge in these caves during their exile. The presence of 5 compartments and the Shivlingas in the complex provides relevance to this fact. However, the caves are also claimed to be of Buddhist origin, due to the presence of the huge Buddha’s statue in the vicinity. The architectural style of the caves also showcases Buddhist influence.

Bamanbudo Waterfall

Bamanbudo waterfall is located in the Canacona Taluka of South Goa. The waterfall gives everyone a breathtaking view of the Ambe Ghat. The water slides down from the rocks which make the waterfall appear more like a slide. The force of the falls is very high. Proceed to this place with caution as the area gets very slippery. The water falls into a white foam due to the height of the fall. This enhances the beauty of the waterfall.

Know of any other hidden treasures of Goa which you would like to tell us? Do write to us in the comments below!