Things Goans are tired of hearing


Goans are tired of being stereotyped, be it in reel life or real life. It is high time that people begin to understand who the real Goans are.

“I am pretty sure you Goans must be drinking all your life”

Yeah, that’s what we do. We start our day with a bottle of beer or drink Feni or Urak every minute of the day. Goans are good social drinkers and are very responsible. Every outsider feels that Goa is just about beaches and drunkards. Believe it or not, but a huge population of Goans here do not drink at all. Yeah, that’s the truth!

Things Goans are tired of hearing

“Do y’all even work in Goa?”

No! What is working? We only know how to enjoy and survive with papa’s money. Let’s get something straight – we do have normal offices, schools and colleges where we really work hard and earn our bread and butter.

“Hey, are you a Goanese or Catholic”

FYI, ‘Goanese’ is not a religion and my last name is not Pereira/D’Souza/Fernandes.   The majority population of Goa consists of Hindus and not Catholics. Goa also consists of Muslims. The best part about Goa Is that we give importance to all religions. People from different walks of life come and celebrate different festivals be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Iftar (fast breaking meal during Ramazan), Christmas or even the Feast of St. Francis Xavier.

“You stay in Goa and don’t eat meat???”

We know our staple food is “fish thali” but that doesn’t mean that we eat fish for breakfast and lunch. Just like other states, there is a mixture of people of different religions here. Some are vegetarians and some are not, stop acting dramatic!

“Where can I pick up girls?”

Just because we are broad minded people and you are here to have “fun” doesn’t mean we are into this. So it will be better if you don’t ask us where to pick up girls because we don’t encourage prostitution and neither desire to entertain you by being nice to you. Goa is NOT a ‘sex symbol’ of India. No offense, but it’s the non-goans out there who indulge in inappropriate activities and stare at girls with bikinis and spoil our name.

By: Priyanka Shetty

Image courtesy: giphy