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Tiatr calls for several disciplines. It comes from the Portuguese word teatro, which means theatre. It requires immense amount of body language training, elocution and the use of space.

Bookworm is a blessing in disguise

Actors go through months of training to be proficient. The acting industry is exciting, but needs a certain level of competence to survive. Hence actors have shed sweat, tears and time to secure their place.  However, Bookworm has created a golden opportunity for aspiring actors and future tiatrist, through two exuberant programmes. Rajyashree (Raj) Dutt an award winning Indian actress with great experience will be conducting these classes. “Act Out”, the first workshop will train you to use your voice and body to express emotions which will bring out the character(s) in you. Moreover, the comprehension of text in performance and the use of space will be covered in this 12 week course.


Speech and Drama is the second programme, combined with “Act Out” and will comprise of the basics such as drama and elocution, utilizing space and understanding text. All are invited to participate from the age of 8 and above.

Myths about Tiatr

For those of you who think of Tiatr as traditionally dominated and patronized by the Christian community, you are sadly mistaken. Gradually over the years, young Hindu artists have been performing in the tiatr, which are also seen by people from the Hindu community. One famous tiatr artist Shrirang Narvekar (1938 – 2013) dominated the tiatr scene in Goa and is remembered for his marvelous talent. Apart from performing live on stage, he also acted in the first Konkani film ‘Sukhachem Sopon’. He also won several awards including the ‘Lifetime Contribution to Tiatr Award’ at the hands of ex-Chief Minister, Mr. Digamber Kamat, in December 2011.

All professions are challenging including tiatr, but like all professions, if you have a passion for acting, singing and dancing, the accomplishments that accompany tiatr will be all worth it.

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