With Tiffin Factory, healthy Goan lunches are just a call away

Food, essential to everyone’s survival. A great meal can definitely make anybody’s day bright. But for most of those, who travel to different cities for work, having a good, hot and, homemade meal sounds like a dream. Most of the youngsters and office-goers today have poor food habits. With busy schedules and long working hours they usually have no time to eat. Ultimately, they end up munching anything that comes their way. Carrying a tiffin box to work or college is not always possible for some as they leave their homes quite early. Ultimately, many prefer to eat their lunch at canteens and eateries by, compromising on food quality. However, lunching at these outlets every day is not a good idea. A great, convenient, and reasonably priced tiffin delivery service in Goa seems like a big ask – or is it? This is exactly what The Tiffin Factory is all about.

Tiffin Factory, Tiffin Delivery Service in Goa
Tiffins packed and ready to go!

The Tiffin Factory is an organised tiffin delivery system. Launched earlier this month, this food venture delivers meals to office employees, college-goers and to those at home by preserving its taste and flavours. With its hub in Porvorim, the food enterprise is currently operating in Panjim, Pilerne, Karaswada and, Sangolda.

What’s in the Tiffin?

Started by Supriya Borkar, Vibhas Prabhudesai, and Ancia Vaz, The Tiffin Factory is the newest tiffin delivery service in Goa. They have a simple menu featuring Goan as well as other Indian cuisines. Their menu is enough to make anyone happy, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian customers. With a menu that changes every week, customers are saved from eating repeated food. Patrons get to choose from a list of mouth-watering tasty vegetarian, chicken, seafood and egg dishes. This food hub provides options for combo meals as well as desserts. Once satisfied with what to eat, a customer has to simply give a call and subscribe to the meal. All orders are accepted till 11 am and by lunchtime, your meal is delivered at your doorstep. What’s more, is the way how your food is served. All meals are hygienically packed in food-grade microwave friendly bento boxes. The trays are properly covered and partitioned to prevent the food from mixing and spilling while it’s being delivered. All this to ensure that one has a hassle-free experience. Plastic cutlery is also provided as a part of the food tray, adding to the convenience. This makes Tiffin Factory meals convenient enough to eat at a bus stop as well!

Founders of tiffin delivery service in Goa - Tiffin Factory
Ancia, Vibhas, and Supriya

Being a cloud kitchen, one of the most important aspects of this tiffin delivery service in Goa is hygiene. The enterprise makes sure that the food is prepared and processed in a clean and hygienic environment. The quality of the food is top-notch with more focus on the flavours and the homely taste. Tiffin Factory even goes a step further to ensure that all meals are prepared with no more than a teaspoon of oil.

The meals at The Tiffin Factory are very reasonable. The enterprise allows it’s patrons to pay either at the time of delivery or through online payment options like Paytm and Google Pay. This makes it both convenient and affordable. 

The Star Tiffin Box!

Within a matter of one month, The Tiffin Factory has already won many hearts and is a sought after tiffin delivery service in Goa. Customers from various companies, colleges and enterprise are rather impressed with the food quality and service. The Tiffin Factory has been a saviour for many from eating boring, cold food. Many customers have uploaded their experiences in the form of reviews on Facebook praising the company for its delightful taste, flavours and it’s timely delivery. Shami from Panjim says that she ordered the lunch meal twice for her niece who studies in Panjim and “the food was delivered on time and was very tasty”. Sapna Sardessai recommends The Tiffin Factory saying that the food is “super wholesome, hygienically packed a well laid out”. Noel, a customer of The Tiffin Factory says that he had ordered the special fish and chicken tiffin and was “happy with the quality and quantity”. He hopes to continue ordering more lunches from them.

Creo Team with Tiffin Factory
The team at CreoMetric are lunch ready, thanks to Tiffin Factory

So for anyone who is in and around Panjim and Porvorim, and wants to eat a wholesome lunch that feels like home, then The Tiffin Factory is at your service. Try their amazing lunch combos and get yourself in their fan club. Soon after checking into your offices, colleges and places of work make sure you place your order by 11am by calling on 7447459898. You can also visit their Facebook page to know more. If you’ve tried this awesome new tiffin delivery service in Goa, let us know of your experiences by dropping a comment below.

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