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“Today Goa stands at a crossroad of either a bright or glim future. The choice is entirely ours!” stated a Goa Forgiving online quote.

With the change in trends and culture in Goa, important decisions need to be made. A question arises, do we want to leave behind a positive or negative legacy for our future generations? Armando Gonsalves founder of the NGO, Goa ForGiving made it his mission to positively impact Goa’s future by dedicating his time, resources, talent and efforts.

About the NGO

Goa ForGiving is a budding Non-Profit Organization that aims to promote Goa through two initiatives that are exalted by every faith- Forgiveness and Giving. Hence the identity: Goa ForGiving. They believe that small initiatives taken up by a common man, like a helping the less privilaged or forgiving an old enemy can make a huge difference.


To fulfill their vision of Forgiveness and Giving, they have involved the civil society, like-minded individuals, as well as public and private sectors. They also utilize their expertise in music and culture as weapons to fight social evils.

“Think beyond ourselves towards building a global Goan community united in our common purpose of building the GOLDEN GOA of our dreams!”, stated a quote on Goa ForGiving’s facebook page.


  • Promote the spirit of forgiveness and spread the message of peace and love worldwide through cultural shows.
  • Education to overlook cultural, social, economic and personal differences
  • Organizing and collecting funds for people affected by man-made and natural disasters.
  • Conduct workshops and educational projects for students and parents to emphasize the importance of forgiveness and charity, regardless of their personal religious beliefs.
  • Promote communal harmony through cross-border cultural exchanges.
  • Award unsung heroes of Goa, India and the world through the annual Goa ForGiving awards.


Goa ForGiving is backed by Trancemedia, a globally acclaimed organization that owns two major brands- Konkani Rocks and Heritage Jazz, which conduct music and cultural shows in India and abroad. Apart from this, they have organized many successful campaigns that have influenced the government to take action on pressing issues related to Goa. Some of the popular ones include:

After seeing all the good work this NGO has done and the enthusiasm and participation of us Goans , I know that this state is sailing towards a prosperous future and hope that more citizens recognise the effort required to save Goa and take up the initiative to do the same.

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