Top Health Conscious Restaurants And Cafes In Goa


Eating healthy has become a very popular trend today. Due to a rise in lifestyle-related illnesses, a lot of awareness is being spread to make people conscious of healthy eating habits. People have started taking their health and physical fitness more seriously and have become more conscious about the food they consume. Many people have modified their eating habits and have now started consuming only those types of foods which are healthy and have a high nutritional value. Due to this growing trend of healthy eating, many health-conscious restaurants and cafés have cropped up in and around Goa over the past couple of years. These restaurants and cafes serve foods which are more healthier and more nutritious. These foods include veg sandwiches, salads, gluten-free bakes, smoothies, fresh fruit juices and lots more.

For those of you looking out for nice places to enjoy some healthy, yet tasty food and drinks, here’s a list of the top health-conscious restaurants and cafes in Goa.

Nireas Healthy Haven, Palolem
Nireas Healthy Haven at Palolem (Image Credit: Nireas Healthy Haven Facebook Page) 

First, on our list of the top health-conscious restaurants and cafes in Goa is Nireas Healthy Haven. This is a beautiful café located at Palolem, where you can relax, work, read a book, socialize, and, of course, eat. The place specialises in Indian and Italian cuisine. It serves fresh homemade meals. Vegan and gluten-free choices are available at this cafe. Although the food available over here caters mainly to vegans, there are a few items available on the menu for non-vegetarians as well.

Homemade gluten-free bread and buns, vegan desserts, raw vegan cheesecake, and dressings feature on the menu. Delicious veg burgers, mouthwatering wraps, nutritious bowls, canapés, salads, sizzlers, and desserts are all very delicious over here.

The drinks available on the menu include coffee made from fresh beans, fresh juices and milkshakes. Alcoholic drinks like cocktails and wine are also served at this cafe.
Tofu scramble with homemade brown bread (Image Credit: Nireas Healthy Haven Facebook Page)

Kokni Kanteen, Panjim
Kokni Kanteen at Panjim (Image Credit: Kokni Kanteen Facebook Page)

Next on our list of the top health-conscious restaurants and cafes in Goa is Kokni Kanteen at Panjim, This restaurant, which is decorated in the style of a 1970’s canteen, is known for its ‘thalis’ (large plates that accommodate a variety of food items) and is always busy for lunch and dinner. The décor of the canteen—chilli clusters on the walls and porcelain vessels adorning the shelves—transports you back to a time when purumenth (provisioning for the monsoon season) was required. Every meal over here is freshly prepared. 

A short menu of main course items provides a wonderful taste of Goa’s green culinary heritage. Semolina-coated breadfruit fritters, home-style toi dal, and ambadyache uddamethi, a dish with fenugreek, split black grams, coconut, and hog plum, are among the vegetarian thali’s highlights. Ghotache sasav, sweet mango curry, and maskachi bhaji, which are made with stir-fried moringa leaves and jackfruit seeds, are all worth trying.
Fish Thali served at Kokni Kanteen (Image credit: Kokni Kanteen, Panjim) 

Bean Me Up, Vagator
Bean Me Up, Vagator (Image Credit: Bean Me Up Facebook Page)

Bean Me Up is a popular award-winning vegan restaurant located on the Ozran beach road in Vagator. Ozran beach is just a short 20-minute walk from the place. The restaurant, which plays chill out mantra music, serves healthy, organic, and mouth-watering vegan dishes, fresh juices, and speciality beverages. It was established in 1996. After animal rights activist Shawn Rodrigues joined the team in 2009, the eatery became a hotspot for vegans. His goal was to promote plant-based eating without sounding too preachy. More than 10 years down the line, Rodrigues has accomplished this, transforming the cafe into a destination for vegan nomads and conscientious foodies. The café serves a wide range of cuisines. Their salads, fresh juices, and entrees are very popular.

One can try out delicacies such as the wild burrito with avocado dip and a falafel burger while enjoying the rustic ambience and the mantra music. The jackfruit sandwich with homemade bbq sauce and the tofu burger is also worth trying.
 Jackfruit wrap with homemade BBQ sauce (Image Credit: Bean Me Up Facebook)

Earth Mama Smoothie Bar And Kitchen, Anjuna

And concluding our list of the top health-conscious restaurants and cafes in Goa is Earth Mama Smoothie Bar And Kitchen. This little cafe tucked away in a quiet corner in Anjuna, serves plant-based food and is a paradise for vegans. The menu mainly features vegan and gluten-free dishes. It was started in August 2020 by Malavika Manay, a former fashion stylist based in Delhi, who shifted to Goa just before the whole country went into a lockdown in March 2020.

The smoothie bowls offered here are probably the best you can find anywhere in India. Made with almond milk or coconut milk, every smoothie bowl has a punch of granola and lots of fruit to go with it, ensuring you’re full in no time. All their smoothies and smoothie bowls are freshly made and taste very nice.

You must try the acai bowl and the black vanilla bowl, both of which come topped with gluten-free brownies and vegan chocolate along with delicious granola and dragon fruit. The cafe makes all their nut milk, nut butter and granola in house. You can also enjoy some savoury gluten-free toasties topped with delicious, umami-filled toppings like smoked tofu and vegan cheese!
 Acai Bowl served at Earth Mama’s Bar in Anjuna (Image credit: Earth Mama’s Smoothie Bar Facebook Page)

With this, we conclude our list of the health-conscious restaurants and cafes in Goa. So, all those of you who are very particular about keeping fit and healthy, head down with your family and friends to one of these amazing places and have a nice time feasting on some delicious yet nutritious snacks and drinks. Bon Appetit!

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